Figma Haruhi

I was skeptical about the figma line-up at first and thought its quality might be equal to that of Revoltechs and HCM-Pro figures. The price was such a bargain though so I guess I can give it a try. I was also tempted by others playing with theirs. The mobility does look like something to toy around with.

I don’t think there’s any need for an in-depth review since I’m sure all of you have seen Figma Haruhi more than enough times but here’s mine anyway ^^;

Out of the package:


Right out of the box:

A different face (I really don’t like this face ^^;):


A more subtle smile :)

Recognizes any of these poses?



More Cheerful Haruhi

Let’s have some real fun now…

Haruhi forms another SOS Dan… Sentinel of Suzumiya >_>

Mission: to overload the world with fun through sheer force….

Joyriding with Ex-S:

Suzumiya-sama, it might not be safe to be standing on top like that… Ex-S doesn’t look too thrilled…

Suzumiya Haruhi, shooting down the target!

Freedom showing Haruhi a spectacular firework with the incoming ZAFT grunts:

Looking a little down there, Haruhi…. bored? Neat little…chain and ball there… wait, you want to play? Sure ^_^

wah…wait… wait! WHAT U DOIN’?!

Haruhi: Let’s play CATCH! :D :D :D

O_O! *gets smashed by the spiked ball of doom*

Haruhi learning how to become Gundam:

Waga na wa Haruhi, Haruhi SUZUMIYA, borudumu o tatsu tsurugi nare!


and now relaxing after a long day of destruction, cleaving, joyriding…and having fun:

14 thoughts on “Figma Haruhi

  1. As much as I dislike Haruhi, the Zankantou is too cool to pass up. Here’s a little something for you…
    我は涼宮!涼宮 ハルヒ! 世界の神なり! ぬおおおおお!! 伸びよ!斬艦刀ッ! 薙ぎ払え! 星ごと奴をッ! 我が斬艦刀に、断てぬものなし!

  2. Wow awesome shots Z,Congrats on your first Figma too^^ Very fun figures to play with eh? From all the photo’s I’m guessing you had a thrill^^
    very funny scenes haha love the wrecking ball ones XD
    Talk to you at the next

  3. Hey Z, I just got the summer uniform figma Haruhi, and these joints are making me sweat….feel like I’m going to snap the elbow off accidently. Are you supposed to be able to twist the arm at the elbow joint?

  4. I just finished watching the series lately, and it’s quite good! I can’t bear to watch the Jap. Sub of the Second season after getting used to the Eng. Dub, so I’ll have to wait a bit for the Dubbed Season 2 to come out.

    Do you know how the whole series goes? Like, chronologically, is it season 1, movie, season 2, or etc?

    Might just pick this figure up soon with a Figma Lelouch figure if I get a good deal online. ^^;

    1. Why were you watching the eng dub to begin with…

      Chronologically, I don’t think it really matters. I mean, first season was already out of order. Just watch it in the order they release it in.

      And season two, be prepared for eight (?) REALLY exciting episodes.

      1. I’m sure the jap sub might’ve been better, but I got used to the dub after watching it from the start…I find that people get used to whichever version they watch first…

        So is Season 2 already out? I suppose I’ll have to wait for it to be dubbed then…can’t stand watching it in jap after going through the entire series dubbed…just like I can’t bear to watch Gundam 00 or Code Geass dubbed because I watched the jap subbed version first. xD

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