HCM Pro Destiny Gundam

This is the very first HCM-Pro figure/model that I ordered (along with two others) from HLJ when they were having a clearance and I’ve come to believe that any form the Destiny Gundam comes in will surely kick ass ^_^. This is no exception… unless all HCM-Pro are just that great.

The figure/model (which is it?) is really small; the scale is 1/200 which makes it slightly smaller than 1/144 and about half the size of 1/100 models. Nonetheless, even without taking it out of the box you can tell that it’s very detailed from top to bottom. Take it out of the box and you’ll find another package behind it that has the runners to all the other parts like its weapons, shield and hands. The wings are standalone and they can easily clip right onto Destiny’s back. One awesome thing is that it comes with a spare hard plastic V-fin

After a couple of observation, I find the best way to describe this thing is a 1/144 Destiny Gundam model shrank down to 1/200, modified with some quasi-MG gimmicks, upgraded joints, and painted in all the correct colors. Further confirmation of this is that I actually accidentally snapped its foot apart (you can see from the photos) when I thought the toe could actually point down (it can’t) and the two pieces fell out which I saw were connected through pegs just like a model. Also, you can notice seam lines throughout the body where the pieces are connected and spots on parts where it was connected to its runner. The paint job is not exactly perfect on the plastic but at least it doesn’t rub off like the GFF and the plastic is more model-quality so it actually feel pretty durable.

At first, it took me awhile to become accustomed to its joints and small size and everything is all fun after that. After attaching the wings and other weapons, I just play away! The figure/model is impressive for its size and does well in posing… almost MG-like. It also holds itself up pretty well and there isn’t much of a balancing issue. The multiple hands come in handy for different poses; “trigger” for holding weapons, closed fist, and the Palma Faciona hand. The best part is that the Arondight comes with its own hands so I don’t have to ever worry about it falling off Destiny’s hand or something. The arms, legs, and feet aren’t really restricted by anything so dynamic poses are easy to do and it looks natural of the figure too!

Bad parts: The figure is very loose; the limbs can move very easily and the little thing can just flop around as you try to pose it. I would’ve liked it if the joints were a bit more snug, even a tiny bit would’ve been perfect. Maybe my particular Destiny is like that only. It doesn’t hurt the figure in being able to keep its pose but it takes a little longer to set up. I can’t complain about the paint since it is nicer than GFF (minus the warning markings and stuff) but the plastic pieces itself could use some touch up since I can clearly see the spots where the piece was connected to the runner. Other than that, this HCM-Pro is pretty neat for what it is and it’s amazing at what it can do. The small size also makes it easy to play around with after getting used to it.

I also taken shots of it with my 1/100 (non-MG) Destiny Gundam and SD Gundam for size comparison ^_^. The HCM-Pro makes the 1/100 looks like a 1/60 ahaha.


2 thoughts on “HCM Pro Destiny Gundam


    But I’m still obsessed with HCM pros, even though I only have one at the moment. (Heavyarms) But anyway, I’m gonna get a crapload when I go to anime expo. And….did u change ur blog color to blue? It looks better like this. ;)

  2. This is more of a completed model rather than an actual toy/action figure. It’s Bandai Hobby Division’s attempt to counterattack the immense popularity of Bandai’s Collectors Division’s/Tamashii Nations’ Mobile Suit in Action!! and Gundam FIX Figurations line. It was a big hit but with the advent of Robot Damashii (alternatively spelled Tamashii)/The Robot Spirits/Robot Soul, HCM Pro sales are way down. I should say that you pick up the Super HCM Pro figures which are 1/144 scale, it has better detail and overall articulation but it’s twice the price of a regular HCM Pro.

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