HCM-Pro Nu Gundam

This is the last of the three HCM-Pro that I bought during HLJ’s clearance sale and supposedly my most special one since it’s “Special Painted’ in pearl white and gloss colors as opposed to flat colors. The figure/model also have more markings than the original. Up to this day, I still don’t know if HCM-Pros are figures or models >_>. That doesn’t matter though since this will be my last HCM-Pro I’ll ever buy…


I hate the packaging… The box is unnecessarily big. It’s roughly the size of a HG 1/144 Gundam. Just look at all the spaces in there! The package takes up so much room for such a little thing. I would much prefer the regular HCM-Pro box size.

First Look:

Out of the box, the HCM-Pro Nu Gundam looks very good. The paint scheme is awesome and the body is rigid; this figure doesn’t feel flimsy. Details mimic its GFF counterpart but only half as extreme but still superb. Three pairs of hands, a spare v-fin, and all its armaments are included. Also first is that this is the only HCM-Pro that doesn’t have loose joints and floppy limps like my other two, Destiny Gundam and Akatsuki. This Nu is about only a little less sturdy than its MG Counterpart but more poseable.

Second Look

A closer inspection of the figure and the cool factor drops a few notches. You can see NUB MARKS on this thing. I took my knife and shaved them off. The paint is not exactly perfect either with paint rubbing off here and there and some tiny smears. Tiny bits here and there that add some little annoyance. Beside this, I’m actually quite happy with this one than the other two.

Just for Show


Sure this thing looks good and is very playable but it sure isn’t $30+ worthy playable. I’m glad I only paid around $20 for this but even then, I felt like it should be cheaper. The size is great for playing around with; this Nu is only a head shorter than the average GFF.

I guess HCM-Pro is not for me then ^^;

7 thoughts on “HCM-Pro Nu Gundam

  1. Wow he looks awesome not as good as MG but still he is cool:) As for the lighting,it almost looks the same,maybe a tad lighter,how bout a bigger light or a brighter one because I really don’t see much of a difference sorry:(
    Awesome photo shoot as always ^^ Love the poses

  2. Yea in terms of actual lighting effect, there is little to none. Even to myself. Would you believe me if I told you that all the photos I took of this figure had a fluorescent light beaming straight at it only 6″ away? That’s basically what I did. The results I noticed… little to no shadow on both side ^_^ no added brightness though…

  3. I picked this guy up for cheap recently, too. Pretty cool, but yeah, not really worth the full price.

    BTW, just stumbled across your blog, and it’s awesome! Your guide to gunpla is so helpful, I’m just starting to get into model-building myself, and it’s made the process seem much less intimidating. Thanks a bunch!

  4. Hey! Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to drop by with any questions later about your models and I’ll see if I can help ^^

  5. HCM Pro is kind of expensive, but my kids actually love them since it is smaller (their sizes) and you can tell it is a lot more details and so on … They become more affordable when I vacation and buy in Hong Kong. Since they are small and cost nothing to ship (you can hand carry them :) Also, you can pick up some older one for around $10 US.

  6. I also got this when it went on clearance sale at hobbylinkjapan (around 16USD or so). My first HCM-Pro and I completely agree that HCM-Pros are very good figures but definitely not 30USD worth. Too expensive.

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