Lancelot Albion Ver. Ka

I have been pretty fond of the Lancelot Albion’s design since its debut in Code Geass R2 so I was only all too thrilled about this figure when it was announced and photos of it arose from the internet. I don’t care about RD figures and I wanted something more of a display piece than a toy piece so it was pretty awesome that it was getting a Katoki treatment. I even pre-ordered it a month before its release! I was so looking forward to it! However… at the end of this figure’s photoshoot, I was pretty pissed to say the least. Read on…

The promo photos make it look just fabulous! Really clean and shiny where it should be (the gold).

The insert inside the box behind the figure.

Inside the package: pair of open hands, sword hands, gun hands, display base, VARIS x 2, MVS x 2, Slash Harkens x 4, and Energy Wings x 2. I’m glad it is not packaged like a GFF with all those metal twisty things and tape everywhere.

On The Ground

Hmm… how do I even begin here? First off, the figure looks cheap like an old, poorly straight-built model. I supposed one nice thing is that there is no soft plastic parts anywhere on the Lancelot so no risk of parts warping… I think.

There are nub marks, minor paint bleeds, rough paint job on the gold, some “drips” on the white part (chin), flash (excessive plastic from the molding) here and there (look at the red gem on its chest), loose parts (wing “binders” and the Slash Harkens on the hips), and parts glued on crookedly (gold crotch piece). At this point, I’m like “… seriously?”. Overall, the figure seems more flimsy than an RD figure but more sturdy than a HCM-Pro.

Now I’m confused… is this supposed to be more for show or for play?


What a cool name for a weapon. The “stationary” harkens on the forearms and hips must be removed and then be replaced with the wired ones.

Its’ articulation is mediocre at best. Range of motion is a just a tad bit above basic so creative/dynamic posing is a bit difficult to pull off… if not impossible. I was disappointed that I couldn’t pull off its launching stance. Lame. Well… It is at least more versatile than a GFF though… but that is not saying anything at all.

Harken Booster!

The joints are not smooth at all. It locks and cracks but doesn’t really loosen up so it was really difficult to set up its poses. After realizing how limited its articulation was, I just dived right into the best part hoping to reignite some excitement.


Oh beautiful wings of light… you just complete the Lancelot Albion. Why am I not surprised to see that the wings were almost too heavy for its own joints?

The wings are attached to the center backpack by means of a little peg. All that weight does sag the wings down from time to time but thankfully, it isn’t such a big issue.

The ever so small and short display base.

Seriously… I think the pole can be just a bit taller…

Since it’s not designed for action, A midair standing pose while looking badass is just about all it can really accomplish.

… so I stick it on one of my Hasegawa display bases.

It doesn’t really fit on one though since there really isn’t anything for the holder to hang onto.

Not enough articulation to pull off a slashing pose…


The canons are too heavy for the Knightmare’s own hands… sigh…

This is pretty ridiculous. One of the Varis looks like it got a bit chewed up by a baby or something. Decals on it are a bit broken, and there are nubs here and there.

The other Varis. Bare plastic, nub marks, glue drops, chips… ugh..

Not really much I can do with this figure… ^^;

Best I can do…


– Sharp corners and parts give this figure a bit of a sleek look.

– Giant Energy wings

– It’s about the size of your average 1/144 Gundam model so it’ll blend in… I think.

– I supposed it does kinda look nice…  if I don’t look at it so hard.

– … … and I think that’s it.


– Looks like a cheap toy.

– Poor quality… almost disgustingly poor quality. No quality check…

– Nub marks, flimsy parts, plastic flash, crooked parts, run on paint, no real details, broken decals, glue spots, paint spots… I supposed this is a subset of poor quality control.

– annoyingly loose parts; the slash harkens on the hips like to pop off.

– Terrible joints; wing joints are not strong enough and leg joints are not smooth at all.

– Expensive for what it is. It is not painted; quality and detail is not even near Katoki’s Fix Figuration line-up. Nothing really special about this figure…

– Did Katoki really took part in this?!

Notice I didn’t even mention its lack of articulation as a con because I bought this more for display purpose than play. To those who might think I probably had high expectations before its release- I actually didn’t know what to expect. It was priced a bit higher than a regular Gundam Fix Figuration figure (the other “Ver. Ka” line) so it’s not wrong to assume that there is some sort of quality to it.


Being pissed off aside, I am sorely disappointed by this “Composite Ver. Ka” of the Lancelot Albion. If anything, this is more like a glorified RD figure minus the articulation and a jacked up price tag (it is $10+ more than the RD). I see almost no justification in buying this figure no matter how much you may like the actual Knightmare itself. It isn’t exactly display worthy in terms of quality nor is it fun to play with… so what the heck exactly is the purpose for this thing’s existence? I felt like I got cheated of my money and just wanna say “Damn you, Bandai!” but there’s more better things to do… like convincing you to steer clear of this Compost-site figure.


37 thoughts on “Lancelot Albion Ver. Ka

  1. I received my composite Albion a while ago, and I was disappointed as well. Pretty much the same complaints. I also got the Gurren Lagann Recently as well. Not a lot of articulation on it. All those promo pictures of it being a metallic red, and all you get is a plain red. >_> Doesn’t look like a limited edition wing pack will be made either, considering how the back looks. The markings and paint on it are nicer than Albion, and the Big drill is the biggest reason I got it anyways. For play, I’ll stick with the revoltechs, but I think the Composite GL looks better displayed.

    1. Wow…did Z just get a REALLY bad one or something? That reviewer’s Lancelot looks picture perfect, save for the VARIS. They still got the nubs and whatnot…
      He’s got some great poses with it too…
      Maybe Bandai’s making them better now, compared to the initial batch that was first produced? O_o

  2. Are you going to do a HG Lancelot Model Kit review?

    I really want some Code Geass mecha in my display case. I dunno what to get.

  3. Just picked up the Composite Shinkiro. I was scared to death about the paint/glue drips and crooked parts and whatnot, but it doesn’t sport any of the problems you have with the Lancelot, cosmetically. Sure, it has a bunch of loose joints, but that can easily be fixed. Bandai probably heard our voices with the Albion and made ’em in better quality or somethin’…

    The stand could really use some work, though…it’s slightly bigger than a quarter of a standard GFF base plate, and the pole is about half the size of the actual Knightmare itself. Not to mention you’re trying to fit two more poles on it for the Absolute Defense Territory System…

    1. The Shinkiro does look good… but i’m too paranoid about that line-up now. If I want to pick anything up from that series, I want to be sure to see it in person first. Kinda sad since there’s a lot of interesting mechs coming out of that line like the Exbein and Cybuster.

  4. That’s weird, mine has great poseability and mine looks like it has a pearl white finish while in your pics they look like bare plastic( I could be wrong ). Maybe they fixed the issues along the line ………

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