Nendoroid L


8 thoughts on “Nendoroid L

    1. It is the real stuff; I bought it from HLJ way back who knows when. It doesn’t look like the one you show because that one comes in those little boxes that has random figures inside. This is the huge one.

  1. Sir, i just bought the petit nendoroid case 01 of Dnote, and im just curious if what i bought are fake or original, so as this L of yours, im just curious because compared to your L and the model at HLJ and goodsmile website, they have different stand from yours, i bought petit case 01 set and i have stand just like these ->
    but i found this pictures which are different from my stand -> plus L’s hand are not pointed on his mouth and both holding his knees, i can’t see how they can stand but they dont have a plastic at the back, please help me find an answer to my questions, thx.

    1. If you still doesn’t know , those you have are real.
      The stands are always the way you have them , the one in the picture are the models and are attached to the stand they are standing on and cannot take it off.
      But yours are real cuz’ they arent shiny and look under the stans you have.
      Does it only says ”made in china” it’s fake does it have japanese on it real.

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