Re2200 Furiata


I got this as a birthday present from my friends. Not sure what this really is but heard it was something along the lines of “Mecha Musume”. It is a 1:9 scale model designed by Shimada Humikane. Name of this figure? Re2200 Furiata Regia Aeronautica Caccia Reggiane I think ^^;. Seriously, I have no clue >_>; She’s a cute little girl though ^^;


There’s not a bit of English on the packaging; the text is in Italian(?) and Japanese so I can’t really figure out much.


A very nice artbook is included with this figure. Lots of eye candy… if you are into loli with airplane parts. I’ll admit they are cute but not my type of otakuism ^^;


For those who owns/reviews figures… how do I review a figure? ^^;


So… she looks cute? Has all the moe cliches going on here: neko mimi, loli, wet clothes, and exposed pantsu. (I feel so wrong…)


Noticed the pantsu swap? ^^;


Well, this is certainly a new experience. Not a fan of static figures so this will probably be the one and only I’ll ever own ^^;. It looks so out of place among my Gundams…


15 thoughts on “Re2200 Furiata

  1. lol you took the forbidden apple… Though not directly like how Ngee Khiong has ^^;

    Is the cloth change part-swapping or what? Nevertheless I think I’ll have the wingless plane instead :P

  2. huh…Z you sure this is your present haha jk wow I can just see it,your room full of gundams then BAM somebody sees her and is like WTF!? haha shes a cute one though with her plane thing,pretty much you just say what company/anime its from,and your thoughts on the details,look of the figure,pose,accessories,and that’s pretty much it I think :) good luck with her though

  3. Gunstray,let’s hope I don’t go that far xD

    Q, yea. it’s just a body swap.

    Roy, ah… that’s very hard for me because I don’t have anything to compare it to nor do I have any expectations about the details. ^^;

  4. Eyeshield, thanks for the congrats. No way am I changing hobbies. to me, figures cannot be justified in price compared to MGs xD.

    Flawless, I would like to know that as well o_0. It doesn’t have any wings though ^^;

  5. yup… I’m totally agree, figures cannot be justified in price compared to MGs.

    people might think that we’re childish by collecting gundam… but they will think that we’re pervert and loser by collecting figures.
    I just don’t want that impression to come across…

  6. Don’t let others impression of what you like get to you ^^;. They’re the ones who are missing out. Those who makes such judgment are most likely not friends anyway.

  7. Italian translation 4 free :) – ‘Regia Areonautica Caccia’ means ‘Royal Aeronautic Fighters’, ‘reggiane’ literally means ‘girls from Reggio-Emilia’, that’s a nice city famous for tortellini pasta and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, which vaguely looks like the town in the artwork!!! Ciao!

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