Robot Damashii Turn X

My first Robot Damashii figure and it is none other than the Turn X, one of the most powerful mobile suit across the Gundam metaverse. It is nice to see this MS getting some love from Bandai seeing how the only other merchandise that exist for this is the original 1/144 model. I’ve always wanted to give this line-up a try but the price tag was deterring so I’ve finally managed to pick it up after receiving 25% off the retail during HLJ’s Black Friday sale. So let’s get on to the actual figure…

The figure is about 1/144 size (~5″) so it’s nice that it can blend in with 1/144 scale models. The plastic is nice and hard but the paintjob is mass-production quality. Turn X comes with the following goodies: open left hand, slotted left fist for weapons, pew pew gun, pew pew rifle, pew pew bazooka, and SHINING FINGER. Oh yea, and you have to clip its backpack on as well.

If you think the Turn X looks funky in the anime/art/whatever, then it’ll look even funkier when you examine its design up close on personal on this RD figure. This thing is practically a mutated geometric mess! None of its body parts are symmetrical and all have like multiple angles; the thighs, knee caps, shins, and arms are all different on each side. The backpack is obviously a mess as well. This is why the Turn X’s design is so awesome. So unique. So cool ^^.

Huge nubmarks are lame on figures… and there are quite a few throughout this figure. The nubs look they didn’t even bother cleaning it off, and they just cut it out of its runner right against the part’s plastic which gets you that little “crater” on the parts. This isn’t too bad of an eyesore though.


For this particular RD, the articulation is so-so. It can get some stuff done but nothing in incredible… it’s just poseable, that’s all. I’m sure there are many more out there that are a little more poseable. In any case, Turn X’s articulation is definitely better than any GFF or MSiA I’ve ever seen. the joints are free moving but not loose and since there’s no heavy weapons for this thing, there is no worry about sagging arms, weight problems, and such.

The arms have the most range of motion while the legs are a bit on the restricted side.


Oh crap! Watch out for Turn X’s LAZER GUNZ!

I’m sure this zappy lazer is plenty powerful but how can you expect anyone to be intimidated by it? >_>

Even its weapons are asymmetrical ^^;. They do have details on them but it could use a better paint job… and some mass.

Just look at how unattractively flat the rifle is o_0

now that I look at it more closely, its weapons resembles that of water guns…

I swear this bazooka was more massive in SRW…


No hotblooded speech from Gym. He just laughs his sinister ass off as he SHINING FINGA’D his enemies.

The coolest gimmick of Turn X… though I would appreciate some effect parts.

“This hand of mine is turning X, its roaring nanomachines are telling me to destroy you, here I go… SHINING FINGAAAA”


Yea… beside the Shining Finger, there’s really nothing included with the Turn X that is worth playing around with ^^;.


I’m not particularly impressed with this RD, be it articulation or design but I’m not saying it is bad either. For what it is, I can hardly say it is worth ~$30. Maybe around $20-$25 retail price then it might sound reasonable (which is what I got it for). There aren’t any loose or warped plastic since everything is hard (except the soft antennae). It’s a decent figure but not sure if it is enough to open the gateway for me to more RD’s in the future. I’ll say just wait for the MG Turn X ^^;.


22 thoughts on “Robot Damashii Turn X

  1. Turn X looks like a mecha-ise Mandalorian warrior. XD

    Wonder what Syd Mead had eaten when designed this guy?… O_o

    The rifle looks like my 1988 version of the Jegan, flat and unimposing. But the opened up Shining Finger is good.

  2. aw, c’mon man! Ur reviews are getting shorter!!! NUUUu!!

    Anyways, on to the actual figure…in my opinion RD’s are pretty damn good, I never got one but from what I’ve seen, the Knightmare Frame RD’s look sweet. (especially the Gawain…which is about twice the size of Lancelot xD)
    However, I do agree that they are overpriced. Gawain is $80+ and no slash harkens. (LOLWHUT?!)

    Turn X looks funny…both in design and color. However, the guns look akward cuz they’re so small and flat on such a unique suit…O__o
    The color is akward to…never saw such a light green/moss colored mobile suit before…I never watched Turn A before but I’m assuming this guy was Turn A’s enemy? Somehow I doubt that a MG Turn X will come out…

    Stick to Gunpla, Z. RD’s are great and all, but with Gunpla, its less expensive, and you get to see your own effort reflected in the result.

  3. Mmm, I agree that RD’s come fairly overpriced for what they are, glorified action figures. I guess the idea is to sell them at adults, but there’s something about buying a figure that has a crappy paint job, and sprue damage. They need to be 10 to 15 dollars, not 30.

  4. I guess it’s how much you appreciate Turn X that counts. I wonder why when they have so much lines for this and RD Turn A, they still leave it ‘unpanel-lined’.

  5. So, can this version of Turn X separate each of its limbs? Apparently this figure can do that, from the production images I once saw for it.

  6. I’m sure I’m mixing up something here, but word on the street was that there was a blurb on the Tamashii blog that said the effect parts from the RD Trans-Am 00-Raiser can sort of “unofficially” clamp onto the Turn X’s Shining Finger hand.

  7. bd77, syd was probably just tired and just doodled something on paper that resembles his other works… and viola! you get Turn X!

    lelouch, there wasn’t much I can do with this figure to put out a photo dump xD. Turn X is the “brother” of Turn A… and yea, Turn X is at Turn A’s throat for scarring its chest or something along those lines.

    Chris, adding panel lines would bump up the price by another five bucks!

    Nyan, technically… the limbs can’t really separate… but you can still pull them out ^^;

    Ace, knowing Bandai and the wonders of plastic… I wouldn’t be surprised all that much.

  8. Very unique indeed. Weapon-wise and design-wise, nothing like the current MS. This one kinda reminds me one of Voltes V’s opponents (though I can’t remember who. ) ^^

  9. as I expected.. the bazooka and gun are much bigger (and proportional) in 1/144 version..
    but 1/144 has no shining finger :(

  10. *scratches head* Okay, so I just saw the pictures and got somewhat excited over it. So sue me and then allow me to backtrack to the fallback position of everything showing up at E-bay at one time or another. :P

  11. (I wish there was an edit feature to these comments so I can at least add stuff on occasion…)

    I mean, while I’m not crazy over a Du Ex Machina attack to begin with, at least these new “Moonlight Butterfly” editions aren’t simple recolors as they were last year.

  12. Actually the Shining Finger (Turn X) is somewhat a precursor of Destiny Gundam’s Palma Fiocina plus, it can also be used as a beam rifle and saber (no effect parts TToTT) while the two pew-pew guns are actually powerful beam launchers.

  13. As of this posting, I’ve been feeling pretty heartbroken for about a half an hour, since I’ve just discovered my newest and favorite figure (that I happened to have spent a hundred and twenty dollars on) has a flaw; a fragile V-fin with no replacement in sight. (It’s still intact, but unfortunately by a thread.) And I happen to love the RD series (and will still urge you into getting another one, Z), despite only having two out of the box (and one in; being a rare version of one of the figures I have out). I guess it’s my bad luck, even though I hardly touched the thing in a while (despite it being my favorite, but it’s the one I’ve tinkered around with more than others, recently).

    And now I’m going to blow what’s basically the same amount for a video game yet to be released. I have a feeling that both these things would be more like $30 in real value, $50 after customs. *sigh* Oh, well. I guess I better shake off how sulky I am (while depressed), put down my PS3 controller (since it won’t affect my position in Tekken 6 online anytime soon), and start photo-snapping pretty soon. I have a feeling I won’t. *shrug*

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