SRW OG: 014 Weiss Ritter

The Weissritter/Weiss Ritter/Weißritter/Weiß Ritter is piloted by the extremely cheerful and playful (see: flirtatious) teaser Excellen Browning who is actually quite an intelligent and knowledgeable pilot. I love all her joyful battle quotes! They’re really interesting and funny ^^;. I love Weiss-chan too! To me, this mech is like the Nu Gundam of the OGverse; high dodge and long range galore. Its design is also one of the fanciest for a Real and has a lovely color scheme. Best of all…it’s piloted by Excellen!

The Box

Weiss-chan came packaged in an unnecessarily big black box that takes up quite a bit of space on my shelf. Inside are two layers: One on top houses Weis-chan and the layer beneath it houses a pair of open palms, the wings,beam saber PLAZMA cutter, and the awesome Ochstan OX TONGUE launcher. A booklet that contains nothing you don’t already know about Weiss-chan and Excellen and a (useless but cool) display base are included ^^.

Ox Tongue and Plazma… I wonder how they translate the 3-barrel beam cannon? LAZER CANNONZ?

Weiss Ritter

I love the quality of this figure! The whole body feels very rigid and the plastic is actually hard as opposed to Alteisen’s softer plastic; there’s not a single soft spot on Weiss-chan. The color and details are spot on and accurate. Although this figure is well-articulated, its design obstructed its range of motion like the head and knees (it can barely bend 90 degrees). The wings look great opened up! It reminds me of Gundam X. I have no idea how the real thing moves around so freely.

Platinum Lucifer

The PLAZMA CUTTA and Ox Tongue Launcher has a fixed hand molded onto them so there’s no way to switch hands with the weapons.

Ochstan Launcher! Douzo! ^_^

I wish I can do more poses with the Launcher but since it’s on a fixed hand, it was hard to make variety. Still, this figure poses VERY well and stable.

The ATX Duo

Excellen: Futari no AI no Chikara de! ^o^

Kyosuke: …

I was gonna shoot an entire “Love Love Attack” but Alt Eisen wasn’t very cooperative ^^;

This is an awesome figure for an awesome mech (with an awesome price). It might not be able to pose like a MG Gundam but it has all the vivid details to make a great display piece. So far, this is my favorite SRW OG figure compared to Alt-chan and Thrudgelmir.

10 thoughts on “SRW OG: 014 Weiss Ritter

  1. Weissy-chan!!!! Lovely pics, gotta love that long rifle.
    Without a doubt these are my most favorite OG mechs. Their upgrades only made me like them better as the Rampage Ghost Kai is freaking awesome.

  2. i’m planning on getting the model kit for weisritter. even though my alt is 1/100 scale. lol it’ll be off but to me Alt should be bigger than weis. anyone else on the same boat as me?

  3. Hono-san, ahaha.. that’s a good one. I Wish I can understand all her battle quotes though.

    Gunstray, Weiss-chan cost me a cool $100. Yes… I’m crazy but only because that’s about 2/3 of the price I usually see it for >_>

    BeamKnight87, Right on! Nothing can survive the Rampage Ghost Kai! Nothing!

    Feidamu, and the hilarity that comes with it ^^;

    Francis, I’m with you but… a 1/100 Alt to 1/144 Weiss is almost twice its height ^^;

  4. I dont have the slightest clue as to what this is but it looks AWSUM! Love the color scheme and weapons…kinda like a Hi-Nu only more…angelic. xD

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