SRW OG: 020 Thrudgelmir

This is Banpresto and Dengeki Hobby’s 17th figure from its Super Robot Wars: Original Generation figure line-up.

Those who have played Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden should clearly remember the hell the player gone through when fighting Zengar and his Thrudgelmir ^_^;; It was like a really great nightmare. This mecha wasn’t so threatening in SRW:OG2 when it was piloted by Wodan Ymir though…

This figure replicates the Thrudgelmir (box says “Sladegelmir” due to translation) in all its glory, from the DRILL BOOSTER KNUCKLES to its unforgettable ZANKANTOU! The paint job is very well done; there’s hardly any flaws and the colors are sharp and bright. The body, including the arms and legs, have a soft feel to it that’s different than that of GFF but also feels sturdy and solid like it could actually be played around with. The joints are smooth but it isn’t stiff so I was afraid there might be posing issues but the figure can actually hold its own. Multiple hands are included for closed fist, holding the Zankantou, and pointing at something/someone. A semi-transparent display base is included but I didn’t use it because the figure felt unstable sitting on it.

Articulation is only a little better than GFF figures but not good enough to actually do action poses which was a bit disappointing. I wasn’t able to mount the Drill Booster knuckles due to obstruction around the wrist area that prevented the parts from fully connecting… or I just didn’t know how to do it properly and didn’t want to force it in or risk making any stupid moves on this super rare figure (hence no pictures). Posing with the Zankantou is a breeze and I’m amazed that its arm can actually hold onto it! But of course… over time, Gravity will have its way with it…

There’s nothing more to say about this Thrudgelmir figure except that it makes a great eye-catching display on a desk/shelf. If you can find one for under $120 (I bought it for this much) and happened to be a fan of Zengar and his Thrudgelmir then do get it even if it burns your wallet/piggy bank into ashes. Unless you have the right connections (a friend in Japan), this figure will probably never be found in the US and it’s very rare to come by.

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