Unicorn Gundam Head Display Base

The Unicorn Gundam Head Display Base is a bonus item that came with the January issue of Dengeki Hobby and as such, it is pretty much impossible to find without paying a shiny penny for it.

The issue of Dengeki Hobby. Instructions. Almost-impossible-to-replicate techniques on detailing the base. The parts.

Also picked up the clear stickers for the base from a later issue. Ultimately, I only end up using the warning and body detail stickers and skipped the color stickers for the eyes, V-fins, and camera (I decided to paint them in instead). I didn’t take any WISP photos because there wasn’t much to show so let’s just jump right into the completed model ^^;


I assembled this model with displaying the Destroy Mode in mind so the red panel lines (done with Tamiya Clear Red paint) makes the normal version of this Gundam look a bit funky.

I wished Bandai included an extra solid horn for the Unicorn mode since the V-fin is a bit hard to straighten out. Good thing I applied the detail stickers otherwise this thing will be oh so plain and white!

I think the proportions are great and there are plenty of panel lines to fill in the details.

You can peek inside its visor (or lack of one) and see its Gundam face. It is actually kinda hard to close that gap because there is nothing that holds it in place.


Ore wa Gundam…

Transforming into its Destroy Mode is almost exactly like its MG counterpart only except you have to take out more parts (head piece below V-fin) and take some extra time to adjust the V-vfin’s center piece since it can rotate and becomes crooked.

So who is surprised that I modeled this head display after my own MG Unicorn? xD

I made a bold move with paneling the entire kit with just red paint and trying to leave just enough residue to produce some sort of “glowing” effect (Psycoframe) but it’s actually so light you can only see it if you really look for it in person >_<.

The only armament this model comes with is a pair of vulcans.

I painted the eyes in with Gundam markers from my Fine Point set and I think it looks much better than using the thin clear stickers. I also made sure to not paint too many layers of the Clear Red on this time so that the parts are still very transparent.

Comparison with the MG Unicorn.

Which head design do you like more?

I don’t intend to pick up the HGUC Unicorn nor use it as a display base so I didn’t bother sticking the crane arm on its back. This head display will be just that… a head display on my desktop. I think I could have done a better job and cleaned it up more since some of the panel lines are a bit shoddy but overall, I’m more than pleased with how it looks and glad that I actually used it to experiment with a few new things that I normally won’t do on regular models ^^;. I could use a USB-powered LED setup to light this thing up to give it a bit more life though…

50 thoughts on “Unicorn Gundam Head Display Base

  1. I think I’ll prefer the head display design over the MG, simply because you put in more effort in detailing the whole head with red lines and stickers.

  2. Cool… looks amazing just like your MG ;) Btw… I just completed my Unicorn; hope you don’t mind me ‘borrowing’ some of your pointers you highlighted when you built yours (i.e. the red psychoframe). Any possibility you could add me 2 your blog roll btw (hahaha… ok… I’m stretching it a little now)?

    1. Added. Strange though… I’ve always thought you were on my blogroll since forever… Makes me wonder now how I’ve wandered into there from time to time ^^;.

    1. I think at this point your best bet would be ebay… but I’d say you should look for the HGUC Unicorn model that comes bundled with it instead.

  3. Hi!

    Love you site, just wanted to ask if the gundam unicorn base head allows the 1/100 version to be supported on top of it.


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