MG Char’s Gelgoog Ver. 2.0

Gelgoog…that’s a funny name. I don’t know much (or anything actually) about this mobile suit. I just bought it to go with my Char’s MS Collection.

Building this model was refreshing as it’s relatively different than the typical Gundam model; the inner architecture and parts are different. This is actually the third non-Gundam model I’ve built this year (2008) among 30+ of Gundam models. cue all the compliments of the inner structure and all that. Despite the multitude of runners and big box, this model is actually very straight forward and very simple to build. Just put everything together, one layer at a time. I like how Bandai designed the armor plates so that the area where it was connected to the runner is always well hidden throughout most of the body or makes it less noticeable. the wide lower leg pieces are also connected neatly, making a very uniform look. One thing I find COMPLETELY useless was the one and only screw for this model and that it goes into its left palm. wut? o_0 I didn’t take the effort to screw it in as I see no point to it…

One thing I find strange is that this mobile suit doesn’t have a backpack so it looks a bit weird from the back without the shield on; it looks like something is missing. The model stands very well after completion and feels very solid. No hanging or flimsy parts (but that’s also probably because there’s nothing on the body anyway). I was scared of its ability to do action pose to its fat body but instead, I was rather pleased with how well the arms and legs can actually flex and support its stance. Unlike the MG Sazabi which can only stand, this Gelgoog can actually do many decent dynamic poses for its body type. Stretching a bit far and it’ll be wobbling on the side of its feet. From the box, I thought the model would be taller but it’s actually average height… which is a good thing because then it’ll be able to used on Action Base 1 with the included stand adapter plug.

Weapons… a beam rifle, a surfboard shield, and a beam naginata. Not much to do with them… typical armaments… nothing too impressive or fun to pose with.

Random awesomeness… you can build a 1/100 scale model car xD Even the wheels move! I painted mine red for obvious reasons.

There’s really nothing bad about this model for what it is representing. I would like it to be able to pose like the MG Zaku IIS but it doesn’t have that kind of body. So yea… if you’re looking at this model, it’s definitely worth picking up.


9 thoughts on “MG Char’s Gelgoog Ver. 2.0

  1. Well, I can fill you in a bit. The Gelgoog was the Principality’s response to the date flooding in on the Federation’s Gundam. In essence it was the same as the German’s Jet fighter introduced in WWII, an advanced design but put into use too late to be effective.

    Char’s Gelgoog (along with Gato’s and 12 others) were the prototype line. A bit faster, carried more armor and had a bigger generator.

    After the initial 14 were produced, the Principality started mass producing them, and while the design really didn’t change too much, the Generator’s were reduced (for cost purposes) and they were fitted with a larger variation of weapons.

    Overall it was the Pinacle of the Zeon’s “all purpose” mobile suit production, though the Gelgoog was met with a bit of resistance from the “Vets” so they were more often piloted by “rookies”, thus taking the advantage away somewhat. Right near the end of the One Year War, the variations starting seeing production. This included the Gelgoog Marine, which was, over all, a better performing machine, as well as the Gelgoog J or “sniper” which saw a limited production but was still seen as an advancement.

    That’s about it. After OYW, and the tech companies starting “blending” ideas a bit, Mobile Suits began to incoporate several different designs. It wasn’t until late 0083 that new designs and technologies began to render the Gelgoog and other OYW units obsolete.

  2. Oh, the Car….that is from the episode or scene that Lala Sun and Char arrive at the Texas Colony when Amuro is defeating M’Qavue and the Gyan. Lala drives off in the car and Char gets into the Gelgoog to go duel with Amuro.

    Really its just the standard Car of the era. Its seen several times, including right in the begining of the show when Frow is driving to Amuro’s house.

  3. Is the shield decal naturally like that or was there a bit of a mishap? :P

    Great job though! I really like this model for some reason.

  4. Gelgoog is my favourite MS. Of all time. Love him. And I want this one in particular. I have the Gelgoog Cannon 1/100 MG, released waaaaaaaay back in 1997, mainly cos it was the only Gelgoog available at the convention I was that I didn’t already own. I want this one. Want……

  5. Lol didn’t know they included the car in this release till i read this post! I love the inner details of this kit. Will pick this kit up if I see it :D

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