MG Char’s Zaku IIS Ver. 2.0

Now I get why Bandai milked the Zaku oh so damn much. When you have such a near flawless versatile frame then why not spawn other variations? Some of the constructions made more sense than others. The “slide assembly” on picture seems to be a great time saving idea but in actuality, it kinda sucks because the rings are so tight that you have to overcome the friction to slide it into the part it needs and in some cases, it will actually slice off the ABS along with it. The spring tube was also a nice gimmick and I’m glad there’s no more mesh to cut. One small thing that deserves mentioning is that on the bazooka, there’s two slots on the handle for the peg on the hand so the hand can actually hold it properly in firing position.

I build this model as practice for the MG Unicorn by building patience from placing as much decal and stickers on it as I could like ricers to their rice rockets. The stickers look really crappy from up close because you can see the clear boxes and the same goes for Char’s Action Base.

Like the G Gundam MGs and MG Strike Noir, it’s sinful to have this model just stand; It doesn’t look right and it’s a waste of its dynamic motions. The joints can bend wide and stay balanced but the surrounding parts (spring tube and side skirtplate) will pop off sometimes. It’s a tad bit annoying. For ground posing, there could be balancing issues if the legs are too far apart due to the natural design of its feet (it’s flat).
The last quirk… a one-piece tomahawk? wut? The thing looks puny.

Yea. Great model. At this rate, I don’t think Bandai will ever go wrong in making new models and stuff can only get better. Here’s to hoping for a Sazabi 2.0 that can do more than just stand ^_^


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Martin Wandering


20 thoughts on “MG Char’s Zaku IIS Ver. 2.0

  1. yes i really really really do argee that bandai should come out with a sazabi ver.2 (which i also very very agree that it should do something more than standing.. what a watse to a great MS). or a nightingale is nice. can be a couple with the hi-nu gundam

  2. Nice breakdown, went here to check some things out for my incoming MG Zaku II Ver.2 Minelayer…
    Ow and I found this one too, lol:

  3. I’m scared to get any MG Zakus…I heard that the tube parts are a real pain to get on, is that true? And does this come with the custom stand or did you buy that?

  4. Pim, that pic gave me a good chuckle xD. Almost reminded me of Zankantou Ikkitousen…

    Lelouch, no…they are a pain to put BACK in because they come off easily. Stand is separate.

  5. I just can’t stand looking @ my Zaku with such bland-looking weaponry, so I’m gonna paint them on mine. Though I need those water-slides to get here too so I can finish this project up.

  6. I know! even if its supposed to be like a hatchet, it seems so short and underwhelming. nothing since dedicating myself to Gunpla has irked me as much >_<

  7. it is a nice Zaku, but i want a Gouf… the thing hit me hard on the head one day, and i checked it out. looked pretty decent. should i consider it, Z?

  8. The Zaku or the Gouf? I don’t know anything about the Gouf, be it the old one or the 2.0 ^^;. I think the Zaku II 2.0 is a bit overpraised as well…

  9. i ended up super gluing them in place because i didn’t want the nub marks to ever roll on the outside of the tubing instead of the oh so tiny detail on the other side of the pipe segments.

  10. I just got the MG Zaku II Black Trinity ver. The articulation and frame look great, but I’m worried about the whole slide-assembly…I don’t understand what you meant by “it’ll slice off the ABS” and whats the spring load function? =\

    I need to know MOAR before I actually build the model. x_x

    Ey, doesn’t this model also come with a little mobile elevator thing where you can load Char onto the Zaku? Wonder if the Black Tri stars version also has that…

  11. @Lelouch: No, the elevator thingy is specially for Char, I think. Just like the car which come with Char’s Gelgoog ver2.0 only.

  12. Lelouch, when you slide the tube rings out, it’ll also take away some of the runner it is on because it is so tight. See Chris’s reply about the elevator thingy ^^.

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