MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth


If there is any Gundam I’ve remembered Gunotas in the past begging Bandai for a MG of, it would be the Crossbone Gundam. I also remember the celebration and thrill that came when Bandai finally announced and released it… only to get “They ruined it!” and other recurring complaints in reviews. That was only a broad generalization of this model before I get the chance to put it together myself. I’ve always loved the Crossbone Gundam for its melee weapons and awesome design. Funny thing is… I never knew there was a Full Cloth until the MG announcement xD.

Out of the Box


16 runners. Loads of tiny parts. Nice shield effect. Inner arm and leg frame is the same as the F91 (lame). A bunch of foil stickers. You know what’s neat? All the parts for the Ver. Ka are here as well (minus fabric cloth and decals) ^^.

The Works

Straight Built. Top coat. Minor detailing with paint.

Body Unit


The X-1’s body is a bit different from other Gundams due to it being partly hollow in the chest area where the core fighter slots in. Above is the skull… but I later changed that to the Ver. Ka skull because it looks 10x more badass (you’ll see later). Also, this is the first time I noticed that the X-1 is actually really really dark purple as opposed to black ^^;. The bad: The cockpit hatch doesn’t have any mechanisms to keep it shut and stay shut.

Head Unit


Accidentally cut out the Ver. Ka’s head by mistake xD. Painted in the scars for both head pieces. VERY fragile and tiny parts here… especially the upper mouth vent and red chin since they are so thin. If you want to change to the Ver. Ka head later on, you will have to swap EVERYTHING!… minus the eyes and V-fin. The mouth, the helmet, the skull, the top of the helmet, side vents, even the red chin… are all different from each other.

Arm Unit


While the X-1’s arm design differs slightly from the MG F91, the joints are exactly the same. With the way the elbows are connected and rotate, it makes handling heavy armaments a bit problematic in some cases. The arms also doesn’t feel very solid/rigid.

Waist Unit


Loads of parts for the waist due to it having stuff like hidden weapons (Screw Whip) and surprise attacks (Rocket anchor). The ball/socket connection of skirt armors really suck though because they just slip in… and can easily slip out.

Leg Unit


Legs are very similar to that of the MG F91 except minor aesthetic differences (inner frame is pretty much the same). In other words, I really don’t like it. It lacks rigidity like there is too much hollow space inside or the parts can’t stay snapped to each other. I can almost flex the legs sideways. They don’t feel confident in supporting the weight of the Gundam… you’ll hear about it later.

Core Fighter


Gundam’s X-Wing Fighter? xD. This is one of the most coolsome and elaborate core fighters in Gundam methinks. It looks really nice and has quite a bit of parts too. I painted the thrusters in Gunmetal and the yellow tips on the beam sabers. Just after assembling, I can already feel how loose the wings are…

Full Cloth


Full Cloth… Full Cross… Same Kana. Since the parts have such huge surface area, don’t be surprised to find scratches on them out of the package. Thankfully, topcoat hide that perfectly. The red parts doesn’t tack onto the black side really well; you can easily rip out of the white piece between them. It’s like an extra peg is needed to keep both sides shut together. For the yellow vents, Bandai doesn’t give a clear orienation of which side they’re supposed to face when slotting them in so you will have to figure that out yourself ^^;.



Peacock Smasher. Funny whoever named this gave such a melee-sounding name to a long-range weapon consisting of 8 spray-cans xD. I hated working on this thing though. It was a chore to clean up the nubs on all the parts, masking the spray cans, and painting it. Very tedious. After completion, this weapon is unsurprisingly heavy.


I am sure you can assemble this thing just by looking at the pictures ^^. Clean and elegant the Muramasa Blaster is. Again… Funny whoever named this gave such a misleading gun-type name for a Sword. Granted, this thing IS a GunxSword…


Buster gun. Zanbuster. Beam Zanber. It’s all in here. Beam effect = clear red.

Ver. Ka


Personally, I find the X-1 and its weapons a bit plain ^^;. Oh the irony… I’ve always complained about Katoki infesting his models with markings but this time, I willingly infest the model myself xD. So yea, I bought the waterslide decals also and converted the base X-1 (Kai) to a “Ver. Ka”… along with the Full Cloth’s own decal, effectively making my model more infested than Katoki’s original xD. Two models in one!



What a difference the decals make ^^;. Noticed that the shoulders are backward. This is because the front side has the Full Cloth decals on it ^^;.I very much like the overall appearance of this model. The shape and proportions are a nice blend of Katoki sleekness and anime roundness. It is quite pleasant to the eyes even just like this without the Full Cloth on.


Just lift the upper part of the mouth vent and the Gundam’s face turns from mugshot to badass in an instant. I find the shoulder being able to open is a very pointless gimmick for this model since there is no details inside AND it sucks for the full cloth (later on).


The marking infestation on this Ver. Ka is actually not too bad compared to others. It’s not so bad… nothing in awkward places or overkill in some areas. The only severe areas are the tips of the four thrusters; there are 14 decals on each individual thruster.


The X-1 is actually taller than the F91 o_o


But not taller than these guys though.


The Ver. Ka family



One of X-1’s highlights is that it comes with more accessories than a barbie doll. First off, the Zanbuster consists of a buster gun and the zanber. This is definitely more stylish than your average UC beam rifle :)


The Zanbuster looks even more stylish all “Ver. Ka” up as well. While it does flow well with the theme of the Gundam, it is almost a bit impractical for the model to hold. That… what’s it called?…”outer handle” do get obstructed by the forearm so the rifle do look a bit crooked.


Last pic is of the Buster Gun. It’s there so that you can still have a (weaker) beam rifle while wielding the Zanbuster for close-combat. Great! :D



The Strike can only wish it looked this cool with its armor schneider…


No drama here. The photos tell all.





The most disappointing of the weapons. I was actually looking forward to the screw whips too. I was let down that the cables were actually too “heavy” for the handles and they kept dropping (and sometimes taking the handle out of the model’s hand). The cables also don’t sit snug inside the handle since they can freely spin around. I got really fed up working with it that I only took one shot then gave up.


The handles come from the side of the rear skirts. I painted the “screws” (more like drills to me) for the whip. Maybe it was just this model since I’ve seen others using it in many poses. It’s okay though… there are plenty of other weapons to choose from.



Another cool weapons. Unlike the screw whip, the rocket anchors actually hold out and can be moved all over the place. While the weapon itself presents no problem, the front skirt tends to be able to easily slide off the waist due to this gimmick… and that gets fairly annoying.



Beam shield turned Beam… markers

IMG_6663IMG_6672IMG_6673IMG_6675 IMG_6669IMG_6685

Like the daggers, no drama here as well though I don’t like how the shield plates doesn’t really go over the fist completely.



Beautiful thing and not very heavy on the arms too ^^. Could’ve used it in a few more shots but shields aren’t really my thing ^^;



’nuff said.



I love Gundam. I love big swords. I love Gundams with big swords. And I love Gundam models that can actually wield said big swords. This is one such case.


I was so afraid that the weak hands might not be able to hold onto the Beam Zanber but thankfully, it can wield it effortlessly.




Here’s the “real” MG model…


Now the shoulders are facing the right way xD. Head swapping was a pain as I had to be careful not to break anything.


I was so used to looking at the Ver. Ka’s head that the new head doesn’t seem right xD. Almost kinda wanna switch it back…


Full Cloth ON!


I tried to fit as many decals as I possibly could on the Full Cloth parts ^^;. Makes it look better I think. With the full cloth, the whole model (obviously) becomes a bit more heavier and you can just about feel that it doesn’t want to be played around with… like immobilized. It’s almost as if it has turned into a Fix Figuration.


Comparison with its GFF counterpart. Unfortunately, no Ver. Ka decals for the MG Full Cloth because… well, there aren’t any >_>. Yea, can’t really see the GFF in the above pic so…


Clearer shot



Cannon + 8 spraycans = win


… Actually, not so much for this model. The Peacock Smasher is HEAVY. So heavy, in fact, that the hands can’t really hold it… not to mention that the slot on the handle doesn’t fit into the palm’s peg (slot is too big). I added in some paint inside the handle’s slot to solve that problem but can’t really do much about the weight. Once held, the arm can just barely support all that mass and leverage. The weapon won’t just fall out of the hands but some slight wiggle in any direction and it’s pretty much gone.



What can I say? I love swords and it doesn’t hurt to see this coolsome weapon again :)


This is more of a test to see how well this Gundam can still wield its Zanber with the armor on. Unsurprisingly, it loses some playability. The bigger “cloth” pieces on the shoulder can rotate out of the arm’s way for it to move around but the (extremely) useless front cloth pieces just gets in the way of the waist rotating. The weight also slightly drags down on the arm a bit even when moved away.


I don’t know the actual names of this weapon and Skull Knuckles sound fitting enough ^^;


When out of weapons, just use your shoulders as knuckles a la Gundam Maxter!


You can say that I slip the knuckles on “backwards” as I find the original way didn’t look right given the orientation of them relative to the arm. The original have the “claws/teeth/whatever” on the arm where the shield plates are.


Pretty cool weapon. Nothing to say here except that I wish I could’ve somehow be able to access the hands so I can close the fist. It is not very snug since it just slips into the palm but you can’t really close the hands.


The main weapon of this model for me. Let’s start with the “blaster” version first…


Holds just like the Zanbuster


Great alternative to the Zanbuster but this is not my preferred way of using this weapon… :)


Now the fun begins…


Muramasa Blaster… Sword mode.


Added what little ver. ka markings and decals I have left onto the Muramasa Blaster. Wished there were extra Ver. Ka skulls for it though.




Great to see that the X-1 is also able to wield this thing like its Beam Zanber but it just need more delicate handling. A slight unwanted touch and it’ll fall right off. This weapon is also heavy enough to twist the entire arm down at the whim of gravity.



I forgot to add… I also love Gundams who can wield two big swords at once ^^


The two best weapons from this Gundam ^^. Truth be told, I really hate the beam effect parts for the Muramasa Blaster because the design just looks… lame and boring. Has anyone actually seen the beams out of it in  Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Alpha?


One weapon I skipped was the beam saber. It’s the same beam saber you get from every UC model so not worth showcasing here. I also didn’t want to mess up the paint on the hilt ^^;. One of the biggest challenge of playing with the Full Cloth model is that you have to control and watch out for every aspect of articulation. You need to make sure no pieces come falling off of the cloth, no parts are grinding/rubbing each other, and you don’t accidentally knock the weapons off the hands. In short, be very careful about where you hold and move the model.

The Goods

– More accessories than you can probably care about. Think of all the combination of weapons you can do!

– Looks great; not too small. Nice blend of Anime and Katoki design.

– Can able to hold up the heavier weapons. Just keep in mind that it is delicate though.

– Nice range of articulations

– Beam Zanber

– Muramasa Blaster

The Bads

– The legs: it has this sideway “springy”-ness to it. Not sure how to describe it. Joint movement aren’t very smooth. Kinda weak. Cannot balance the Gundam in wide ground poses.

– Screw whip

– Skull chest cockpit door cannot stay shut and opens easily.

– Shoulders Opening gimmick: I hate this. When you rotate the cloth pieces upward, the weight of it just folds the shoulder out. If the shoulders can’t open, then the cloth pieces can actually stay up without issues of it sagging back down. I’m planning on gluing this part shut.

– Front cloth pieces (the two thin pieces hanging on the chest): WTF is this even here for? It can’t really move and it gets in the way. When you lift the knee or rotate the body, these pieces get obstructed and lifts up the cockpit door… then they fall off. -_-

– Arms: the way it is just plugged unsecured into the upper arm makes it easy to slide out of its socket from time to time.

The above is just a broad summary of this model. The quality of “goods” obviously outweighs the bad in this case.  Most of the annoyances come from hard play and the full cloth… which this MG really is. There is not much to rant about for the “Ver. Ka”… since there is not much with the model itself >_>.



For an extra ~$10, you get the MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Ver. Ka (minus the Ver. Ka decals/stickers and fabric), Plastic “cloth”, another sweet looking sword, a crossbow-like cannon, and some funky skull heads for knuckles. Is that $10 worth of extra plastic there? I think it is worth it… if it is just for show. I think the Full Cloth has a more attractive “display” appeal than the Ver. Ka but this Gundam definitely plays better with the cloth off. Either way you go, I don’t think it would be a bad choice :). It is definitely a better deal than the F91 though. Even with the annoyances, this Gundam still looks badass at the very end :)



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62 thoughts on “MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth

    1. first question you can just easily blame bandai though I would imagine it would take a lot more (tiny) parts to fill in those colors so guess it would be easier to just paint them in.

      I haven’t touched my Crossbone X-1 in a long time so I don’t remember if it is floppy or not ^^;

      EDIT: I think the fact that this model doesn’t use PC parts is why it is “floppy” or the joints not feeling smooth/cushy.

    1. The same way I paint any of my other parts… dip it in tamiya clear red, and just brush away until it’s done. Brush size doesn’t matter but for something as big and wide as the Zanber, then you’ll probably want a wider brush.

    1. I have the Ver Ka version, the hands don’t securely hold onto the beam zamber or the giant sword blade well at all, even with the slot & tab system in the palm, it will stay in but slip out easily

  1. Z, what are the actual differences between a Ver.Ka and MG Crossbone Full Cloth (besides the accessories). Is a Ver.Ka more detailed or different in any sense (structure and parts)? I’m currently looking at the Ver,Ka Crossbone more than its MG counterpart, anything to highlight? I have yet to master the skills of painting and deco (stickers and highlights),but can still do the basics. I believe that all Ver.Ka stickers are water-based? If so this will be my first model that I am actually going to apply them, any advice on this as well? Thks.

    1. for comparison of both MG, you can check, but for some info:

      X-bone Ver. ka and Full cloth are the same, same inner frame, same parts, although additional parts are included in the full cloth like the extra weapons and accessories, also Full cloth includes parts for Ver. ka, so you can mix and match the parts, just like what Z did on his X-Bone Full cloth (notice the chest part, the skull is for Ver, Ka).

      Major difference would be the head as they have different design, Ver. ka has much more fiercer look than full cloth. 2nd difference would be the skull on its chest, again ver. ka is fierce, full cloth is somewhat Cartooney?. Other than those, most are the same from each other, oh and also, their color is a bit different, you can notice it on dalongs review.

      Ver, ka stickers are dry transfer decal, need to rub em up, to apply. water/wet decals are sold separately or sometimes special kits does have it included.

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