MG Freedom Gundam

This is my second MG in my collection which I bought back during the SEED hype when Freedom first appeared. Yea… I fell in love with the way it made its appearance in the nick of time, saving the Archangel. Since this was one of my first MGs, I didn’t do as nice of a job as I would’ve like to with my current models but I’m still satisfied with it.

When I first started on this kit, I was scared due to the overwhelming number of runners but in today’s standards, it’s actually your average number of parts for a nice MG model with loads of gimmicks. There’s better things to be scared about in this model such as the oh so thin wings parts because they are very easy to snap. Other than that, I remember this kit was pretty easy for an MG and was somewhat disappointed because I was expecting more difficulty out of it. Everything is simple and there’s no unnecessary tiny pieces and no screws to deal with. Just have fun taking the time to put it together and it’ll come out very nice. The outer armor have so few lines that this kit will even look great without panel lines! This is rare of a MG.

You’ll be delighted at just how smooth the joints in this model moves, and how easy it can pose. The joints are snug and not overly tight but it can still hold up the body despite being a little back-heavy. The ultra bendable knees and shoulders is a great highlight of this kit since it allows for more dynamic poses rarely found in the MG models before it. I guess it’s the SEED MG is where the super dynamic action poses of MG models all began ^_^. If you’re someone with a symmetrical perfection complex then you’ll have a great time trying to adjust the wings so that it’s equal on both sides. That’s very hard because it’s about the only area where the joints are stiff so moving one piece will move the other parts as well and then aligning front and back, left and right… you get the picture. But only with this can the model replicate the awesome Hi-MAT spam pose.

Cheap things about this model is that blue foil stickers are included for the blue part of the beam rifle cover… what? why no blue piece? It doesn’t matter since I took matters into my own hands and painted it blue instead of using the foil stickers. The black rings on the beam sabers are also foil stickers and they have a tendency to come off.

This is an awesome MG kit despite its age and well worth picking up… whether you hated this Gundam or not in the anime ^_^;


An army of ZAKUs


Shinkan Crossing


Random Stuff from the East

56 thoughts on “MG Freedom Gundam

  1. Hi Z,
    I’m going to buy this kit, but I want to ask few questions first :
    -> since this model is quite old, how well does its inner frame compare to the new MG kits (like Exia, Strike Freedom, Destiny, etc..)
    -> from what I observe in your pics, the weapons don’t have holes like those of new MG kits (to connect with the peg on the kit’s palm), so I’m wondering if it can still hold its weapons properly…

    Thank you, and I like your reviews… =D

  2. This is an awesome MS Kit. You won’t regret buying it…not to mention it is a main character in the anime

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