MG Gundam MK-II Ver. 2.0 AEUG

The MK-II… oh how I hated since my days of SRW Alpha Gaiden where I first met this Gundam. It was pretty weak  and very boring compared to the rest. Worst part was its BGM “Mobile Suit Sen”… I couldn’t stand it. Anyway, picked this kit up for the sake of completing my MG AEUG team and for its Ver 2.0 articulation (the first Gundam to receive this treatment). If I’m right, the proportion and stuff about this MK-II is based off of the Zeta movies hence the badass boxart.


Looking back at all the MK-II models. The original 1/100 must’ve been Virtue/Seravee’s ancestor or something…

Out of the Box


17 runners including the chrome pistons and beam saber parts. Usual small amount of foil and moderate sheet of decals and clear sticker. Typical of UC (back then) is using mesh for cables and wires to float those 1/100 human figures.

The Works

– Straight built.

– Decals and stickers

– Mr. Hobby Matte Top Coat

Body Unit


Easy construction here. Nothing too fancy. The structure could feel a bit more rigid though. The body is light and feels almost as if I could crush it with my palm.


More simple construction for the backpack. There’s a ruler on the bottom of the page that tells you how long you need to cut the mesh.

Head Unit


Only cool thing about the head is the attachable vulcan unit that gives it some sense of style to an otherwise plain Gundam head. I detailed the side vents black with a Gundam marker and painted the head sensor with clear blue.

Arm Unit


Solid and simple construction yet still works in bringing a wide range of articulation. The fingers on this Gundam are very easy to separate since the mold between them is rather small, making the individual finger mod hassle-free. Nothing to say for the shoulders… they’re just there.

Leg Unit


Here lies the sophisticated engineering of this model. As you can see, there’s some complexity going on and quite an abundance of parts to assemble. It is not confusing but cutting and cleaning all those pieces can be time consuming.

Waist Unit


I was more than ready to tear this model apart for its review when someone told me that the AEUG version doesn’t have a rotating waist. Guess they realized that there will be angry bloggers like me who would be raging day and night about it so they updated the runner to make the waist movable.  For what reason would Bandai even think it was a good idea to not give it a rotating waist in the first place? It’s not like this thing has another flying unit strapped on its upper body or something (yet). I had to paint in the vents on the front skirt because it looked terrible without the details filled in.



snap, snap and go.


What I like about the bazooka is how the white barrel is one piece so that means there is no obvious seam lines.

The shield can slide close! Oh yea… and screw the yellow foil stickers for it.


Could really care less about the base really…

Completed Model

Overall, the assembly process was fairly simple and easy as there is really not much going on with this model except for the legs. With enough free time, this model can be completed in 1-3 days… I took a little over a week ^^;.


Not really interested in such dioramas. The base will eventually become a dust magnet and the MK-II looks funny standing on it.  The base can be attached to the Zeta 2.0’s for a complete set.


I’ll admit… even if I don’t like this Gundam in general, I find it to be quite aesthetically pleasing in this rendition. The proportions are great; the model is “bulky mechanical” while still sporting an athletic shape to look good in action poses. Very modern and updated given how old this Gundam is.


This Gundam NEEDS to have the decals and stickers placed on otherwise, it’ll be as plain as vanilla.


LOL @ the size comparison between RX-78-2 and RX-178.




Shot of Hyaku Shiki for good measures.

Believing a Sign of Zeta MK-II


Soon realized this Gundam doesn’t really like to pose with its beam saber…


Eye catch~!

Beyond the hard times from now!


Your generic UC weaponry: Beam rifle and shield


I’m surprised the MK-II can still turn its head even with the vulcans strapped on.


Typical UC… The Gundam poses much better with its beam rifle.


Boxart shot

Mobile Suit Attack


Strange how the Clay Bazooka looks normal by itself but looks really dinky when the MK-II is holding it… like it is almost out of scale. Love how the handle can swivel so that the Gundam can actually hold it without the hand being in an awkward angle.



There’s no doubt that this model has great articulation and looks but there are some things that could use some improvements. First on the list would be structural rigidity… what I said about the body in the WISP goes for the entire kit. The should feel more sturdy and solid but it has this lightness to it that makes it feel flimsy. Despite being smaller than the MK-II, the RX-78-2 2.0 feels more rock solid (and it is) and weighty than the MK-II. I can pick this kit up, shake it and the limbs would jiggle.The joints are a bit toward loose but not yet actually being loose. During wide poses, the legs tend to split or the model can become unstable/unbalanced. Heck, this even tends to happen as I adjust it in its standing position. Nothing severe though.


Overall, a great kit both in looks and playability. The updated waist is a big plus. Being the first 2.0 model, I can’t blame it for some of its quirks as Bandai is pretty good with improving their Gunplas throughout the years. Note that I said “quirks” and not “problems” because there aren’t any real issues with this model and I’m only nitpicking a bit. If I can nitpick a little more then it’s that this model is still bland and despite the articulation, there is only oh so much you can do with it given the armaments. Doesn’t really matter to me because I think it looks great just standing… like most UC stuff. So yea… feel free to pick up this model if you’re debating.


Diary of a Gunota (HD Ver.)

Eyeshield30’s Thought (Titans Color)

It’s a Gundaaaam!



Predecessor vs. Successor…


Is it over already?!




This isn’t looking good for the RX-78-2…











究極~!!! ガンダム!!!





63 thoughts on “MG Gundam MK-II Ver. 2.0 AEUG

  1. I’ll answer the question anway ^^;. You’ll have to fiddle with the fingers a bit more but it shouldn’t matter all that much since the peg in the palm is the thing that actually holds the weapons.

  2. i find the trick to making the fingers not loosen when separating them is not cleaning the sphere/ball joints that is hidden in the knuckles when you put the top part of the hand on.

    if you have cleaned them right off accidentally, put some super glue on them and make them more sturdy/rigid that way.

  3. Did nobody else think that the “white” parts were just too grey? In contrast to the Gundam (RX-78-2) it was a dull grey. I couldnt stand it, so I spray painted them white. Unless I got a freak model. First time building with a painted model though, so I paid the price of learning not to spray paint the backs for no reason. Broke one of the shoulder pads, so had to glue it together. Need to paint over it to cover the crack. All from grey parts! ARGH!

  4. I suppose, but it reminded me too much or gone off porridge or slop from old films as well >.> And grey would look odd amongst all the white. Or the little white, dont have that many yet, but when it grows big..I wouldnt be able to have it. I would jump off a cliff.

  5. what the type of top coat you use? it is flat or semigloss/gloss?

    and how to remove the decal after i applied them? i made some mistake and prefer to remove it(=_=)

  6. Nice, I just finished this one yesterday actually! My first MG model too, now onto my Strike IWSP. ;D

    I really do like this though, I do have a question for you though…How do you go about painting your models?(Panel lining too) I’m still trying to find something that works well. >_<

    1. Scratch that, just read your Tools/Tutorial section. =P
      I need to order some gundam panel lining markers, I’ve been using micropens because that’s what my local hobby shop has. >_<

  7. It’s been a really long time since I came back to check up on any updates, Zhi.
    Anyhow, I had a question about this specific model. Mine’s having some problems on its legs (keeps sliding apart).
    Anyway to fix that? What seems to be the problem?

    1. The legs are sliding apart? Do you know which part is causing it? If anything, try letting glue dry on the joints then putting it back. White glue will do.

      1. I’ll see if I can upload some images for you to see. The legs felt pretty weak after I initially built it….

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