MG Hyper Mode God Gundam

This is the gold plated version of the MG God Gundam and consequently, the more expensive of the two. All of the runners are either gold plated or gold plastic so when the kit is completed, the whole model is gold! Even more so than the Hyaku Shiki!

I used to have the original MG but never got around to building it and finally giving it away to someone else as a birthday present. I also was probably not ready at the time to build it yet too. The hightlight of this model (and all the G Gundam models) is its “Fighting Action” inner frame which I believe is a first of its kind and marked the beginning of Bandai’s creation of ultra poseable MG kits. Indeed it was an impressive sight to see the kicking pose back then but now just about every MG can do the same. I think the “Action Frame” models has the best posing ability at the time it came out (2003).

The box this model came in was on the smaller MG size but still packed quite some pieces and no way was this kit simple; there’s a lot of work to be done and the joints and connectors are not exactly straightforward since there are gimmicks to put in. One of the hardest parts was the abundance of screws and washers that you have to install throughout the whole frame; a couple on the arms, a couple on the legs, shoulders, and ankles and probably somewhere else I forgot. It was frustrating and not exactly fun because the screws are tiny and you have to line it up so it goes in straight. The other hard part is that the outer armor plates are coated in gold so you have to be careful with handling and cutting the pieces. When I was building this kit, I was wearing gloves so I won’t leave fingerprints on the coated parts but I lost a lot of dexterity though.

Being my first completely gold-plated Gundam model, It was a marvel to look at after completion. The parts could actually be blinding if you put a light to it, especially sunlight! The joints were equally impressive… almost not in a good way because thanks to the screws, the joints are SOLID STIFF and unwilling to twist or bend so you’ll have to actually use strength to work some parts like its shoulders and knees. It feels like the part can snap if I try to force it to move any further! It’ll definitely loosen up a tad bit over time but it’ll still remain stiff. The only “weapons” God Gundam have is a pair of beam saber and shoulder-mounted machine cannons… but that’s okay! The fun part are its multiple pair of hands! and of course… the almighty clear-orange GODDU FINGA!!! *ahem* Yea, who needs weapons when you have God Finger? The wide range of poses this model allows has more playability than current MG of its time that has more armaments.

Up to this day, when even my more recent models develop joint wear and loose parts, my God Gundam is still standing strong with not a single loose part.


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26 thoughts on “MG Hyper Mode God Gundam

  1. hi there, i’m building this gundam right now. want to ask you what kind of gundam marker did you use? i tried the G generation gundam marker, it wasn’t the same color

  2. @franklin

    I assume that the colour you are referring to is gold right? I don’t think markers will have this kind of gold cause it’s like a reflective-mirror-type gold? And I don’t know whether this gold paint/marker even exists.. I’ve heard that some modellers spray a really reflective/mirror silver on the whole frame and spray really fine orange onto it to create this colour and you would need an airbrush. But even that mirror-reflective silver is hard to find. Tell me if I’m wrong.

  3. no, Bandai’s made a gold-plated Gundam marker…I have the silver plated one, and it does look silver plated. They aren’t hard to come buy, gundamstoreandmore still has them in stock for about $2.00 each.

    1. ah yea i remember what a PITA the screws were for this model. You just have to make sure they are completely perpendicular to the surface they are going into.

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