MG Nu Gundam

My first encounter with the Nu Gundam was in Playstation’s Gundam Battle Assault fighting game where I had to destroy it in a fight. I wasn’t too impressed with this unit at the time and knew nothing about it except it had a cool looking v for a name (this was 7th grade I’m talking about). It’s not until Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden when I fell in love with it and learned more about it. The Gundam was a dodge beast with Amuro! I just knew I have to get the MG model one day… and I did after 5 years. Note: There might be some fanboying in this review :)

The first awesome thing you’ll notice immediately that makes this model kit different from all is the inclusion of die-cast metal parts. Wow. As far as I know, this is the ONLY MG to come with such parts. Then you have your typical load of plastic runners. Even though the box might be big and there are a lot of frames, there isn’t as many pieces as one might think since the pieces are rather large. Since this model is also an older MG, it uses an abundance of screws to tighten the joints (elbows, shoulders, legs, the usual places) which I am not fond of. This Gundam doesn’t have many lines so there’s very little panel line work to be done on this kit… which somewhat translate into that this kit doesn’t have much details on the surface aside from the decals and stickers you can place on it (which I didn’t at the time). Mesh tube (shoelace?) piece is included to be used for the design in the back of the knee.

Construction is actually pretty easy but could be a little frustrating from the screws and fitting the mesh through the holes. There’s not much complication since all you basically build is a one layer skeleton and cover that up with a layer of armor. Nothing dense. The die-cast metal parts are for the shin and groin and they add some nice weight for the model to be bottom-heavy which it actually needs (elaborate later). The Fin Funnel provides some repetitive work as there are a lot of pieces but the things are cool since they don’t flop around due to a “snap lock” mechanism when you fold/unfold them. I didn’t realize how long Fin Funnels actually are until I built this model; each one could be as tall as the average 1/100 Gundam models.

The completed model is SOLID. The feet will stay suspended in its position if you lift it up and will be implanted still and flat on the ground. Not even shaking the model will loosen the joints! Without the Fin Funnels, the model have absolutely no weight issues but adding them on will slightly pull the body back a little (It might not look like it but the Fin Funnels actually have some weight) but not what I consider back-heavy since it doesn’t make the Gundam lose its pose. I’m sure this is where the die-cast does its job though because without it, I’m sure the Fin Funnels could’ve bend back the knees too >_>.  Just be grateful that the die-cast parts are included. The additional weapons included are the beam rifle, shield, customize  and regular beam saber and Nu Hyper Bazooka. The customize beam saber is definitely one of the best looking beam sabers out there because it actually has design and not just a white tube.

The Nu Gundam is quite capable of a fair amount of action poses due to its overly stiff legs and the arms can hold out for a long time from twisting and bending thanks to screws there too. For some odd reason though, I prefer the Nu Gundam to be in a standing linear pose; it seems to look better as I find its action poses a bit awkward (like it’s not supposed to be able to do that but it’s so awesome that it does anyway!). Minor issues are the yellow foil stickers for the Fin Funnels… I say leave them off or paint them because they will peel off over time. This is the only thing I find to be weak about this model. Other than that, this is one great model during the time it came out.

Lastly, this Gundam could easily be THE TALLEST Gundam model in your collection unless you have the MG Ex-S…

Photos: Construction photos are from 2006 and poses are current.


Shinkan Crossing

It’s a Gundaaaam!


45 thoughts on “MG Nu Gundam

  1. oh, cool, :D good thing i asked cause i was already too excited to buy it..XD
    thanks a lot Z..looking forward to your new reviews specially that MG gundam exia.. :D

  2. So you built that? or just want to know what I think of that model overall? xD

    It’d be nice to show us all clearer photos if possible ^^; Since that metallic blue would probably shine with better lighting. I haven’t build mine yet but I think the general consensus is that it’s an awesome articulated model. From what I’ve seen, I don’t doubt that but… it’s freakin’ ugly compared to Hi-Nu’s original design >_>

  3. @Z
    The MG Nu looked really ugly to me because the proportions are the real problem. I’m not sure whether you noticed it, but the chest looked too squarish and huge compared to the head, and the shoulder armors are way to small. The height of the shoulder armor is almost the same level as the torso, when it should be higher. If i buy this one, i’ll need pla plates to modify and enlarge the shoulders.
    Even NAOKI used MG Hi Nu to make this MG Nu Gundam.

  4. Yes, the MG Nu do look ugly thanks to its proportions and big head… but this is a 10 year old MG- others didn’t look that muchbetter back then ^^; (see MG Sazabi and FAZZ). I’m all for a Nu 2.0 if it has the proportions of the Hi-Nu. C’mon Bandai… I know how you love milking UC and Amuro stuff… so give us Nu 2.0/HWS already…

  5. I just got a gashapon for Nu Gundam. Love the little figure, made me reaaaally want to get the MG version… til I noticed the proportion issues. I sincerely hope that Bandai makes a 2.0 for this kit, it’s about time anyways!

  6. I prefered to assemble the MG nu gundam firs, the clear parts version you can see on flickr pool di plamo gunpla or gundam, my nick is saviourgundam57, please reply

    1. Hi there, I’m back again to join with all about the idea of a Nu gundam ver 2: great!
      I would say the proportions should be thoose of the evolve nu gundam episode, with some stuff of gundam formania bust rx 93 model (I love the modeling of te shoulder’s panels)
      please reply and comment my lamo flickr version of rx 93

  7. Hi Z: Thanks for all your informative posts

    Maybe you’ve tried this-

    In order to make all my HGs & MGs heavier, I usually fill up the hollow spaces inside the Body, Hips & Legs(including Feet) with Plastesene or also known as molding clay, Play dough (those which doesn’t harden).

    It adds weight to the kit so it can hold whatever accessories, weapons or shields at the Front or Back.

    Someone suggested to stick small metal weights inside the above mentioned body parts but they may come undone as times go by. having said that- you may try stuffing the small metal weights INSIDE the clay.

    Hope this helps.

    1. Ah! I’ve played around with that concept in my head before but the actual idea never materialized because I didn’t know how to go about doing it or making it possible ^^;.

      Thanks for the info!

  8. I wanna buy the Hi Nu Gundam, but I hate the Color. I wanna have it with the old black and yellow Nu color scheme. Any tips on painting it?

  9. Hi, Z! I bought this kit (30th Anniversary issue). I really like this Gundam. I would like to ask what Gundam marker did you use on the yellow on the Fin Funnels? Thanks!

  10. Z, i thought it for a while,,
    i have watched CCA recently and Nu really catch my heart ^^ Do you think it’s worth to buy? Or maybe i should wait for version 2.0?

      1. Aaand, our prayer is answered, then MG Nu Ver. Ka come to the world.
        Took so long, but in the end, finally i can grab it. :)
        You should buy one as a souvenir from japan, it’s another masterpiece after Sinanju

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