MG ReZEL [Commander Type]

Heh… forgot to take a pic of the actual box ^^;. Anyway, the ReZEL has to be one of the most awesome MP unit ever to come out of the EFSF. Zeta-influenced, cool color scheme, sleek, and powerful looking. With that said, I was pretty disappointed that all it managed to do in the Unicorn movies was getting blown up left, right, and center >_>. Heck, it’s very first minute on screen was of it getting destroyed by surprise. To be fair, the majority of the ReZEL’s destruction goes to either the Kshatriya or the Sinanju. I picked up the Commander ver. because I like the wings and huge cannon over the regular ReZEL.

On a special note, I also got this model to participate in the Gundam Australia MG ReZEL Group Build Project. A first for me ^^. Click the banner to check out other people’s completed ReZEL on the forum.


17 runners. Manual. Whole runner dedicated to just the Hyper Beam Launcher. Bland decals but better looking stickers. I did not like the clear green runner in this version of the ReZEL so I special ordered the clear red runner from the regular ReZEL to replace it.

1998? I didn’t know the MG ReZEL came out so long ago! Hmm… which MG did Bandai stole this PC runner from I wonder…


While the body is similar to that of the MG Zeta due to transformation, I like how it is more “refined” here. Less parts and more simplified- just what this model needs in order to keep its structural integrity.


The arms are pretty simple I must say. The shoulders themselves are built on top of the arms… and man, are those overly designed shoulders. It looks great but with so many angles and surfaces, it was a bit troublesome topcoating to get all the areas covered.


The legs are amazing… and sexy. They contain the most parts and is also probably the heaviest part of the model. The assembly goes in such a way that the parts all sit on top of each other and once put together, it becomes very difficult to disassemble. The side skirts are also built into the hip and that sounds neat at first but it was still problematic at the end (more on this later).


The waist is specially designed to allow the ReZEL to transform. The “split” plates where the legs attach reminded me of the nightmares I had with the MG Z-Plus where it just come loose oh so often… but this definitely felt more solid than any of the transformable MG I’ve built. Oh yea, can’t forget about that hooking crotch!


That seam line right down its forehead sucks. The head also feels kinda plain too so I painted the face gray for some contrast (you’ll see this in the completed model).


Not much to say here. Forgot to take photos of the backpack though. One interesting thing is that the center backpack piece is connected separately from the wings, making everything for this part a whole lot easier to topcoat ^^.


I’m not sure if those white “tubes” were supposed to have that excess plastic attached but it didn’t look right so I painted it gray to hide it and I think makes the launcher look much better.


I was sorely disappointed that the regular ReZEL’s beam rifle wasn’t included so I just savaged my MG Zeta’s beam rifle to replace it. The two looks similar enough!

hmm… looks like I forgot photos for the shield as well ^^;.


The MG ReZEL Commander in all its teal glory.

Obligatory walk-around view.

The way it looks just standing there is PERFECT. Imposing, confident, and gorgeous. Just what I can expect from a UC design. I can seriously just look at it in this pose all day. I also like how the red is so striking against the teal so I’m glad I made the move to replace the clear green parts. As simple as this pose might look, it actually took me quite a lot of fiddling to get it like this without it tilting back or the knees bent. Yes, this is a backheavy model as you can probably tell.

Close-up. I actually painted the outside of the thrusters on its back gunmetal and the inside psuedo-metallic red (paint with aluminum, then clear red).


The Zeta’s beam rifle goes very well with the MG ReZEL. Not out of place at all (it shouldn’t be).

The shield also sports a beam cannon.

Beam sabers inside one forearm and grenades inside the other.

No thanks to the way the legs are connected to the waist, the legs cannot spread wide and still hold its ground. This is the best ground pose I can get out of it and it was not easy to get it to hold. The knees are also a problem because they are fairly loose.


The ReZEL has like the most compact and simple beam sabers I’ve ever seen. The handle is so small, it just fits right into the palm without any bits of it sticking out.

Mobile suits from UC aren’t meant for dynamic poses… but I’ll try it anyway xD.


The real stuff here. With the cannon more toward the front, now the model is more prone to topple forward… Those knees really suck.

Mega… Hyper… Super… What’s the difference?


The ReZEL can hold the handle well enough, but sideway articulation is virtually nonexistent. Basically, the suit will have to turn itself in order to aim. The weight of the launcher is supported by the connector that goes to the backpack.

The heaviness of the legs here means it is very hard to get a wide stance; the legs sag annoyingly fast but not before I can take a decent photo.





Okay, I did not enjoy transforming this model at all. It’s not hard but it can be a bit confusing and frustrating at first. Everything was going smoothly until halfway when I had to start messing with the legs. It’s just trying to get the “split” plates from the waist into the splits on its back that locks the legs in place that kinda sucked because the back armor itself kept wanting to pop off from me holding it and the weight on it. Technically, you can transform this model without removing any parts but it probably would be easier to take it apart and transform it since some parts (side skirt and legs) do get annoying by getting in the way. If nothing else, maybe I just suck at transforming models *shrugs*

Now here’s the answer you’ve all been waiting for: The purpose of the “crooked crotch” piece is so that the shield can anchor itself to the bottom of the Wave Rider.

Heh… this thing will never fly on Earth with this kind of shape and lack of any aerodynamic design (it shouldn’t be on Earth; space-use only). It looks like a flying brick with wings but I still like the design very much ^^. It’s cool how the head is still facing forward like the Flag/Braves! The only thing I don’t like about it is that it vaguely reminds me of the Methuss…

I was listening to Macross music while transforming this to get me in the mood.

Yes, I know you were supposed to remove the hands but I didn’t bother with it. Trying to get the legs, wings and arms leveled took a toll on me. I only transformed it for the sake of this review so I turn it back into MS form, I don’t think I’ll ever do this again…



Let’s start with the good side of things.

– Design: The model looks simply gorgeous… provided that you also put in the effort to apply the decals and clear stickers. Really, it can just stand there and it will look great. The teal blue also helps it stand out from the pack as well.

– The Mega Beam Launcher is very easy to hold.

– Assembly process feels “refined” and streamlined, just like how a Mass Produced unit should be a.k.a it is easy to build for the right reasons.

Structure is solid; you won’t have to worry about accidentally pushing the head into the body and stuff like that like you would with the old MG Zeta models.

The bad side.

– Backheavy. Half of the issue goes to the cannon and backpack and half goes to the knees. The knees, at least on my model, are weak. Not ridiculously weak but weak enough where any abnormal amount of weight can tip it off-balance. Even so, I think the model stood better than I expected. It doesn’t gradually tilt back like other backheavy models so once it can stand the way I wanted, it stays that way.

– Like many other sophisticated transforming models, the ReZEL is purpose-designed. It feels like everything about it is designed mainly to support its transformation gimmick and nothing else matters (see: MG Unicorn). Like its articulation and assembly process is all for making the transformation possible and viable. So having said that, this model is not very good at action poses despite a decent amount of articulation (main problem is mostly the legs; the arms are very free moving).

– Nub marks. There are plenty and some are very noticeable since they are out in the open like the forearms. What makes nub worse here is the teal plastic when you leave white stress marks on it. It is really an eyesore.

– The side skirts. This is, surprisingly, the most annoying part of all. They just plug into a tiny peg on the thigh so they slide off a lot easier than I would’ve liked. Too easy actually. They were driving me nuts when I was trying to do wide poses and while transforming the model.

– Armor parts coming off. This might be nice if you are disassembling but not when playing with the model. the white parts on the forearms, the front shin piece, the side skirts, the back armor… they are easy to take apart by accident either by brushing it (white part), using  just a little bit of force (back), or just falls off (side skirt). The side skirt being the most annoying again. Different from above where the entire skirt falls out of the socket, here I have one of the skirt falling off of its frame backing with utter ease. I’m guessing it’s just my model but I like to throw this out there.

– Heavy legs tend to sag while in wide midair poses.

– Could use some more weapons…


There is only two things you can do with this model: Transform it or let it just stand there and look great; play value is not exactly one of its high points. The ReZEL just standing there will look better than any pose you can put it in so it’s not so bad if you can’t really play with it; I certainly don’t care once this review is over with. You will have to decide for yourself whether you want the Commander Ver. or the regular ReZEL but I think I’m more for the latter now unless you like big guns. Anyway, this is one looker of a model with a few nuisances that you can ignore if all you’re looking for is a display piece Gunpla.

51 thoughts on “MG ReZEL [Commander Type]

  1. Excellent pics as always, You may have convinced me to consider buying a kit I had little interest in before.

    The painted faceplate was a great call, btw.

  2. Great writeup and photoshoot! One of the reasons he wave rider mode reminds you of Methuss is because they used the Methuss’ basic transformation frame but made it durable and actually useful. I agree w you about transforming MS kits, at least concerning transforming designs in the Gundam universe, with a few exception I find them much more gimmicky than when I was a kid (love transforming mS back then). Now I prefer solid designs that don’t transform and kits that are engineered for max poseability, rather than towards a complex transformation mechanism. Unlike Macross which is all about tranforming mech, it doesnt really make mch sense in the internal logic of the Gundam universe.

  3. Awesome writeup, I was wondering where did you special order the clear red runner from the regular ReZEL from?

  4. If you like the design of the Rezel you should check out the Delta Plus. A MG of it is going to be released this August.

    1. Red Frame. Gerbera Straight. That’s all.

      That and because the way that the ReZEL is designed around its transformation just blows.

  5. Looks lovely. You’ve convinced me to get a ReZEL with this post, though I can’t decide whether to get the HG (to fit in with the rest of my collection) or the MG. Sigh. Decisions, decisions…

  6. Hey, nice review! Oddly enough, I like the clear green runner better than the red which is included with the regular version that I just ordered. How much did it cost for you to order the red version?

  7. what kind of stand did u use when you’re display the reZeL when it is in normal mode?
    i’ve tried to use the Gundam Action Base and it couldn’t fit quiet well with it.
    just wondering maybe you could tell me what kind of stand did u use…
    thanks ^^

  8. This is awesome!! Did you paint the body other than top coating it? It looks different compare to other site’s review..

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