MG Rick Dias

I remember the hype on forums when the MG Rick Dias came out. I wasn’t into it back then and I just happened to pick this model up in 2007 to add to my Char’s MS Collection. Honestly, I think this is a MG that Bandai released solely “just for the sake of it”; there’s nothing “unique” about this model but it does what a MG supposed to do. There’s nothing particularly terrible about it but it also doesn’t have anything impressive to show off. That being said, it just looks good standing after completion.

On the plus side, this model doesn’t come with any foil stickers (there’s no need for any). That’s great for me because I find foil stickers for details to be cheap looking and I don’t like applying them. The plastic is also very good; all the parts are solid and matte. It’s also not a very tall/big model even though the MS might look big and bulky on the box and in anime. It’s actually only about as tall as the RX-78-2 so it’s almost kinda short. What this means is that it didn’t take up as much precious space as I thought it would before starting on it.

I’d say get this model only if you want a Rick Dias because you like the mobile suit in the anime.


10 thoughts on “MG Rick Dias

  1. Z, can you tell me how to pose it with beam pistols? The design has some weird peg which conflicts with how thick the arm is.

  2. i think Bandai made the Dias for the sole fact that they havent made too many heavy mobile suits. i have this model and i love it i want to get the black one too. the MG Dom was the same way as this one it had a bunch of weapons but nothing really outstanding but it was still a great build. they need to make the GM 2

    1. The MG Dom makes a nice display piece too but i never got a chance to pick one up. You would think would’ve come out with a 2.0 by now…

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