MG Sazabi

I was impressed with this MG when it first came out in I think 2001… I saw it in the store and was amazed that the box was the size of the PG Wing Zero Custom even though it is a MG model. Actually, I think the MG Sazabi IS the first MG with such a huge box. It definitely looks like it is a great model right?

Well, looks can be and is deceiving sometimes. The box contains quite a floorful of runners (about 20+). As intimidating as it looks after going through the instructions multiple times and looking at the parts, there really is not much going on with the model. There’s some degree of inner structure complexion but nothing extraordinary (but I’m sure it was great back in the days). I just don’t understand how Bandai put so much engineering into the inner frame and the model still lacks complete motion range. Maybe that was enough just to make it stand? One quirk I had was the yellow bar sticker for the shield… couldn’t they just make a yellow piece for that?

Something to point out is that the Sazabi’s outer body is actually composed of two different tones (and qualities) of red plastic. One is a darker, more solid looking red that makes up the arms, the rear, the funnels, and part of the chest area, and the shield while a cheaper (see: VERY CHEAP) brighter and glossier red makes up, unfortunately, the bigger areas of the model such as the chest, legs, and the head. I don’t know why the alternations but I didn’t like it one bit. Solution: I painted the cheaper red pieces with a red Gundam marker. It might not be totally smooth afterwards but it made the plastic looked that much more solid and I was very happy with the results. At first glance, it seems it would be quite tedious to build six funnels but it’s actually a breeze and isn’t as boring as it might seem. The inner structure is your typical MG skeleton; there’s a lot of mechanical details to be amazed at and the parts usually make up about 80% of the entire model.

As a completed model, the very best the MG Sazabi can do is bend its knee…slightly. I tried stretching but the legs either can’t budge or it’ll pop off from the waist. Not much I can say about how it can pose…

I was disappointed that I couldn’t replicate fight scenes between it and the Nu Gundam. I say only get this model if you could find it for a steal (I bought it for $40), otherwise aim for the HGUC since it looks much more promising.

It’s a Gundaaaam!

Martin Wandering

24 thoughts on “MG Sazabi

  1. Just like the Nu Gundam, this model is definitely inferior to its HGUC counterpart. Proportions are all weird, articulation is almost non-existent.

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