MG Strike Noir Gundam

Black and Stylish. Long pointy v-fin. Dual welding a pair of beam pistols. Long sleek wings. Grappling hooks. This Gundam could very well be Batman’s mobile suit. The Strike Noir will blend in nicely with the Batmobile, Batboat, and Batplane.

The build is very similar to the MG Strike/Rouge but different enough where you don’t feel nostalgic about having to build a similar model again. The two models only share the same parts in where it counts and that is having the same action base connector below the crotch and having the same slot for its striker packs; this is very good and practical because then you can have fun swapping striker packs if you have multiple Strike Gundams or want to use their base. Other than those two, the rest of the model seems pretty new and is actually better refined than the MG Strike’s structure because problems that I mentioned on the Strike Rouge (loose parts, no polycaps, flimsy joints, etc.) are not on the Strike Noir. Also unlike the MG Strike, the Strike Noir comes with multiple pairs of hands for holding its pistols and beam swords to ensure that they don’t fall off. Screws are included for each shoulder (and I don’t remember for anywhere else) to tighten things up so it doesn’t come loose for awhile (but I’m not fond of screw assemblies since they are sometimes a pain and you could screw up the parts… no pun intended). Another great thing is that this Gundam has very few foil sticker; just stickers for the eyes!

The completed model is gorgeous. It looks great just standing but the sharpness of its body gives it a “kinetic” feel to it like it MUST be in a dynamic pose. It’ll be a waste of its posing potentials if you just leave it standing. This model is a lot of fun to pose. It has great balance even in wide poses and its legs and feet will be able to keep it in position. This Gundam came with more guns than it can carry and store (5 beam rifles total) so most of the shots are shooting poses. It just looks so damn good no matter how you pull it off. The grappling cables work wonder if you want to imitate Batman since the way it clips onto the model, it can actually support its weight. I dare to say this model even pose better than the MG God Gundam.

The Strike Noir doesn’t come with its own action base… and after playing around with it, I don’t think it needs one. Why? I find its ground poses to be more striking than its aerial poses. Its Hi-MAT mode looks great and all but for some reason, I find it a bit more plain seeing it in the air but a lot more dynamic on the ground (the legs can really flex!).

Quirks? Problems of sort? I can’t say I have any for this kit. It exceeded my expectation. If I have to be picky, I’ll say it’s just a little (and I mean, A LITTLE) back-heavy from its wings and it takes some time to actually get the wings “symmetrical” (you know this is being VERY PICKY). You can push its joints to the limits, it’ll hold out.

SEED fan or not, this is one heck of a model. You can play with it for days without getting bored and without worries for its joints. No regrets buying this model… except for not building it sooner (sat on my shelf for over a year before it was built…)

My words cannot describe how great the MG Strike Noir poses

70 thoughts on “MG Strike Noir Gundam

  1. @ yo_ming I’ll handle it for you buddy.

    @unkonwnXXX mag ingles ka dito pre, may mga pinoy nga dito pero lahat kami nag-iingles dito. ^^

  2. shadowfox, both are worth building ^^. I’d pick up the Strike Noir and consider the SWORD Impulse instead xD

    erazer, i wish i knew more languages… it’s a wonderful thing in life ^^…

  3. @ Z unknownXXX spoke in tagalog, just informed him to use English here since not everyone here understands tagalog.

    btw it’s my native language ^^

  4. That’s cool :D. I would’ve never guessed… no wonder why I couldn’t get anything correctly translated with google translator xD

  5. @Z Google translator translates English into other quite well, but from foreign to English, a lot of mistakes. Just go to Dalong and simply open a kit review and translate the Korean into English… You get to see lots of mistakes…

      1. lol, i think he means the 30th anniversary clear campaign thingy :D

        great job on the model btw, been lurking on this forum for a year already

  6. hey z i’ve been thinking about getting a strike noir , so “if” i ever do buy a mg strike noir do you think that it would look good if it was glossy or flat?……
    on a totally unrelated note i finished painting my 1/100 tallgeese III!! its looks almost as awesome as a MG but is as posable as a brick, still love it tho X)

    1. You’re asking a person who has a very strong bias against gloss… especially on Gundam models x). The only way I see gloss being acceptable is if you paint it metallic then that makes sense. Otherwise… flat all the way!

      1. Well then metallic or flat it is!! i still got a lot to save to get myself a strike noir but its always good to plan ahead of time. Anyways thanks z

  7. Z I have a question.. you see the shoulder part where you need a screw.. I happen to push so hard that the marks for the screwdriver on the screws has been wiped out.. the metal chipped.. do you have any remedies for this? the stupid screw part is so effing hard to twist!! and it has become harder as of now because of the chipped screw.. please help me :(

    1. sounds like you stripped the screw, and that usually happens when you use a screwdriver that’s not the right size for the job. I think your best bet would be to get that screw out of there and try to find a screw of the same size to replace it with. unless it’s stripped both ways, in which case it’s going to be really difficult to get it out :(. just go slowly but apply pressure to your screws, and pay close attention to what you’re doing so you can see if the screw is moving or if the screwdriver’s slipping over the edges, because if you keep going that’s what causes it to strip.

  8. if you liked this model, you’ll probably like the Lucas O’Donnell Strike-E IWSP just as much. I believe it’s the same body, with the same basic weapons, but that backpack is awesome. I think mine was the first MG I panel lined, and despite the flaws of inexperience, it still looks great sitting on my shelf in a Hi-MAT sort of pose, sitting next to my ‘better quality’ models like Strike Freedom and Blue Frame.

    I have a strike noir to build as well, just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    1. Yea, if I were to get the IWSP pack then it would be that model and not the Strike one. However, seeing Strike Noir not in its Noir color seems kinda… funny xD.

  9. Ya I just started building noir, I like how it’s not white but greyfor the lighter parts. The IWSP strike E is also a darker tint on all the reds and blues, and even the white is a little greyer than the regular strike. Its not as grey as the noir though. I’m pretty sure they have the same rifles and stuff. I love the IWSP, although you’ll find it limits your camera angles since the guns cover the face from the side.

    1. Even if the Strike E has darker shades of color than the regular one, I still find that it looks odd simply because it is not black and gray like Noir ^^;. Just not used to it I guess…

  10. Who has a problem storing strike noirs beam rifle on him? I modded mine with mg destiny gundams weapon rak

  11. Hi, Z. I really love the Strike Noir and I actually own one. I have a problem though: According to the manual (and on the pics in this review) you can insert the wires on the open-palm hands. However, I don’t see any holes on the palms like on how it was shown on the manual. Do you really have to drill the holes for it? Thanks.

    1. No drilling necessary… but really? Yours doesn’t come with the slot? I mean… it’s kinda hard to miss…

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