MG Strike Rouge

The Strike Rouge… as a model, it’s basically the Aile Strike in pink. It was a great model during the time it was released but there are some quirks to be addressed.

I have a feeling that the MG Strike was a prototype/testbed for the MG Freedom as they both use very similar inner frames and architecture but all the quirks in the Strike’s body were fixed in the Freedom.

This model was a very easy build; the parts are straightforward and simple. I explicitly remember completing this model in a matter of just a few hours. It was that simple of a MG.

Even though the model on the box might look impressive in the ways it can bend its knee and all that but it’s actually almost unstable and near flimsy. Over time the leg joints becomes a little more loose (they weren’t very stiff when first completed to begin with) and top-heavy problems might occur but not serious. The model will still stand but will gradually get pulled back. The quirks I mentioned were how some parts like the ankle “cuffs” and skirt armors aren’t attached by polycaps, making them very loose. Standing poses are a bit hard with this model due to the cuffs and awkward feet. This model is better in aerial poses. This model is fine in other aspects overall.

If you want a MG Aile Strike then grab the Strike Rouge…it’s the same thing but as a model, it’s more interesting to look at because it’s pink xD


13 thoughts on “MG Strike Rouge

  1. I was thinking of going MG with this one, with Noir next after a bit of practise. The Strike was always a favourite of mine, because of its striker packs and customization options.

  2. Yea! Definitely get the Strike Noir! Then complete the packs with the MG Launcher+Sword Strike and you’ll have the whole set ^_^

  3. yeah, I’ve had LOTS of problims getting my MG Strike to stand… was so bad once that it fell from the top layer of my shelf all the way to the bottom….thankfully, there was no perminate damage. :D
    However, I ended up taping the Strike’s feet to the shelf….I don’t want it breaking it’s neck…

  4. @Lelouch – i had the same problem with mine back then. i wasn’t even satisfied with the decals since they’d blend into the pinkish color of the kit. i was also hoping that the decals included the design on the chest (just like what’s included in the PG version).

  5. Thinking for ordering this with a decal set (I HATE the look of stickers) but it doesn’t seem like either the Strike specific or General Seed Series decal sheets would cover everything needed for this variant. For example, I don’t think any of the correct “Kusanagi” logos are on any of the decal sheets (I could be wrong….so hard to tell from photos on the web).

    What is included with the kit in the rub-down type at least?

  6. I don’t remember but pretty much all the decals you see on this model are from the dry-transfer. I applied pretty much the entire sheet.

  7. So I have been doing some digging and I’m still confused as to what type of decals (the pro) model builders suggest to use. I found this forum and it sounds like all of you know what you are doing so I thought I would ask. I know that stickers are junk but what would you guys rather use? Dry-transfers or water slide decals? and out of those two if any are included with the Strike Rouge?

    If neither the dry or water transfers are included with the kit then where could I pick them up?

  8. The dry transfer decals are included with the Strike Rouge. The water transfer that you need to buy are the same design as the dry transfer… just different application. It is best that you also pick up the chemicals that help adhere the water transfer to the plastic. The benefit of the water is that you get to position the decal until it’s perfect whereas dry transfer give you only one shot.

  9. Hey Z
    Does the stand with the strike work for any models?
    I kinda wanna get it for the stand and strike is a pretty sweet model

  10. From afar, this kit looks simply awesome, but it kinda disappoints me on the head part and the close-look…its kinda HG-ish, well for me

    Z what can you say about this?

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