MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka


This page is an “updated” review which mainly showcases the completed model with a more proper gallery. You can read the original  2009 review here.



The MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka is the second Ver. Ka model in the MG line-up after the RX-78-2. Designed by Hajime Katoki, this version is the true predecessor to the Wing Zero from Endless Waltz. Just swap out the wings and remove the claws, and viola! Wing Zero Custom!

Admittedly, this is one gorgeous Gundam and looks great simply standing there. Although I am not a fan of its cheerful colors being all over the place, it does make it rather “photogenic”. The wings are light, sturdy, and can fold in all sorts of directions so you can position them almost parallel to its back so it won’t be backheavy.

img_4731The Wing series has some of the shortest Gundams and it certainly shows here. Comparison with the other Ver. Ka models from UC.

RAT-TAT-TAT! The machine cannons are rather impractical since the Gundam can’t even turn its head when the covers are up. It’s either that or the “ears” are obstructing the covers from fully opening. No matter which way you look at it, it’s kind of a design flaw.

The (only) beam saber is stored in the shield that you have to somehow pry out because there is nothing to help rotate it out of the holster. This means you cannot do a “ready to draw beam saber out” pose. The beams (yes, you get two beams and one hilt) are better than your standard pink toothpicks because they are actually curved so looks better when posing.


Did I mention that the wings are very nice? They can “flap” forward or back, up or down, or even rotate. Any position you need to get the wings right for the pose or simply to keep the Gundam balanced. Best of all, the wings “click” so you know how far you are turning it!


This model shows its age in the the leg design where the solid thighs simply connect to the solid waist peg through a single polycap… so there is not a whole lot of flexibility there. The knees are pretty basic too; this is before sliding mechanisms that allowed for exaggerated knee bending. In short, articulation is on par with your current day HG.

In an emergency, I wonder if those “claws” on its arms can actually function as a weapon…


Just hope Heero doesn’t lose his only beam saber.


This is no beam rifle, boy. No beam rifle.


That moment you realize the Wing Gundam is the most poorly equipped Gundam out of the five, especially when it is supposed to be taking on an entire army.

I supposed Heero will just have to take everyone down in 6 shots or less.



Major props to the arm for being able to hold this long Buster Rifle up even til this day!


img_4728Even after 8 years or so since I’ve built this, the model is still holding up strong! The joints are still sturdy and it is one of the few models with a big backpack that doesn’t weigh it backwards. Even if it is outclassed in articulation by today’s models, it still looks great just standing like most Ver. Ka models.