MG Zeta Plus A1

My very first transformable MG. The Zeta Plus isn’t a Gundam even though it looks like the Zeta Gundam in almost every respect. For a model, I could care less whether it is a Gundam or not as long as it looks nice ^_^

The kit comes with 13 runners of parts to assemble into the Zeta Plus in three different colors; orange, white and grey. I like this model’s color scheme better than the regular red/white/blue because it’s more on the unique side. A mesh tube is included for you to cut and insert behind the knee to replicate pipes and even though it’s a nice touch and all, I find it a bit unnecessary and somewhat of a hassle to slip it through sometimes. There’s nothing particularly noteworthy about the construction of this kit since it’s a straight inner frame-to-armor build for the most part with the only exception being the body which is a bit more indirect and sophisticated. Overall, I thought this model was moderately simple to build with a good change from the average non-transformable Gundams. The outer armor have plenty of panel lines so it would definitely make this kit look better to fill them in. Two v-fins are included; one is of soft flexible plastic that can fold and one is a solid piece. Screws here and there at usual places for increased tightness.

This model was supposed to address the issues that were present in the original MG Zeta Gundam such as loose parts and stuff… and they did. Maybe a little overdoing it. The joints on this model are SOLID AND STIFF, almost in a bad way and to the point of inflexible! It’s great that it can implant itself flat on the table but it can be difficult to bend its knees or elbows without moving the whole leg or arm or body. Even though this is a transformable model, I can safely say it’s more sturdy than some non-transformable MG kits out there. A lip under the crotch area locks both legs into place so there’s no need that it’ll do a split by accident unless you try to twist the legs. One thing I noticed is that the body can’t twist/turn!

Posing isn’t an issue except trying to get it to pose >_>. There’s also a lack of weapons to pose with. Hip beam cannons, a really long beam rifle (it looks really good), and blue (!!!) beam sabers are all it comes with. Nothing special. Waverider mode requires effort but nothing too frustrating but this mode takes up quite some space so I didn’t leave it in. Transforming back is also quite the work.

Compared to the MG Zeta Gundam Ver 2.0, the A1 stands a lot better (because it can actually stand flat) and hold itself more stably but doesn’t pose as well. This kit is also quite the bargain since you can grab it for ~$25 compared to the Zeta for ~$45-50.


43 thoughts on “MG Zeta Plus A1

  1. Yeah… I would say its a steal at the price… I even got a 2nd one, since I busted my first one (hip ball joint flew and vanished forever =.=).

  2. plutoniumhunter, really? My A1 still has stiffer joints than my Zeta 2.0 even after all these years.

    Ercjohn, yea… I believe this model is like one of the least expensive… at roughly $25. Definitely not bad compared to Zeta 2.0’s ~$50 average o_0

      1. Uh… yea, with the crappy exchange rate, getting an MG under $40 is not exactly easy. I got this as a birthday present. Try HLJ or Gundam Guy for prices.

        1. oh, my bad, i thought when you said 25, you meant like a store in america.
          but i’m in NYC, so there are actually a bunch of good places to get this stuff, kinokuniya for magazines, imageanime, gundamplanet, and chinatown for models, and pearl paint for supplies. and, you’re right, i’ve been dying to by from HLJ, but my bank charges like 20 dollars if you use another currency, so i’m saving for a big purchase.

            1. i think wah kue closed, me and my friend spent an afternoon wandering chinatown and i never saw it, but i might of just missed it.
              elizabeth center is great, but the tiny store in the basement is the only one with decent prices, and he only has the newest kits, and even then, he’s not much better than amazons prices if you have either PRIME, or the free shipping.

  3. Maybe its just me… My very 1st MG, the GM Kai Ground Type, which is based off the RX-78-2 ver.Ka is the only rock solid stiff MG I seem to have… Maybe my Zeta Plus A1’s looseness is also due to the fact that I busted a hip ball joint and I improvised with some makeshift parts. It could still stand, but barely, so I left it in Waverider, but even the other parts like wings and stuff are floppy…

  4. @z
    ya….. too bad its gonna have to wait for a few months before i start on it… haha…..
    my brother’s unicorn is still very stifff…. XD

  5. So this kit is stiff huh? My friend got to know about this fact early and when he bought this kit and built it, he basically dripped in oil in every single joints, and it actualy worked by reducing friction even it is tight! (But wouldn’t that make the kit “sticky”???)

  6. This settles it. This is my next purchase once i finish my ver. OYW. I love the fact that it’s a different, less well known zeta, that may have been piloted by Amuro. I may have to start into an Amuro MG collection after this lol.

  7. Ei z, did you paint the wings of your a1? Or did u use the sticker? Thanks in advance. I was kinda like thinking about painting it with tamiya red or clear red but both of them seem to be off the color scheme which is orange

  8. i have this, and ill say, manly the joints on the arms/ hands are stiff, wat to stiff really, and that little flap under the legs that hold it together, kinda sucks because the legs always split when i mess with it. i broke the entire back skirt off D: and glue isnt working… so yea, i just have it stand there

  9. This kit was my first MG kit.
    I bought it with hopes of kitbashing it as Jetfire from Transformers but neer got around to it so ended up just building it as it is.
    I agree with the comments about the stiff joints. I have particular trouble with the legs since all the joints there are so stiff, but the little locking mechanism in the crotch doesn’t hold the hips in place well at all. Every time I try to move a leg joint the hip pops out and goes all flappy.

    I also found that my one didn’t really like to hold his long beam rifle securely, but I solved that by plugging it into his arm and having him hold it upside down. Looks pretty badass and also give him more room to bend his arm since the but of the rifle is no longer in the way.

    1. I don’t think there is anything underneath that will allow it to stay at rest on the holder but I could be wrong. This model was out way before the Action Base was created anyway…

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