PG Aile Strike Gundam

This page is mainly for the review of the completed PG Skygrasper and PG Strike Gundam. If you want to check out the WISP (Work in Slow Progress), it’s here.


Let’s begin with the PG Skygrasper!

Let’s start off by taking a look at the Skygrasper. This is the only mainstream model for this unit as there’s no 1/100 or 1/144 version of it. Despite it’s 1/60 scale size, it is still a small model and many MG models can probably use it as a glider of some sort.

Since I planned on shoving it back in the box right after completion anyway (absolutely no room anywhere to display it), I didn’t care to put any effort into it. No decals and just get it over with ^^;. The little craft still looks great though even with the lack of effort. No readily noticeable spots that needs to be painted or anything. Basic panel lines and all will get the job done.

The Skygrasper is a neat looking fighter even if it is rather insignificant ^^;. I’m sure it can easily be more badass with a real military color scheme and not this Lego-style paintjob. The model is actually very detailed and have a few functional parts like the rotating beam cannon on its top and the end of each wing can open up to attach Strike’s shield and beam rifle.

Tack on the Aile Striker pack and you’ll have a model that takes up a lot of space. Note that the beam rifle and shield is actually from the PG Strike and are NOT included with the Skygrasper.

Now it looks a lot more capable than its orignal form ^^. The Aile Striker is literally half of the entire model assembly! I don’t have anything bad to say about this model except that it’s just unfortunate it isn’t part of the main attraction in the package it came with?

Nice model and faithful to the actual thing but… space dictates that it goes back into the box! Again, there’s nothing wrong with this model but there’s really nothing going for it either unless you have the PG Strike… or you just want a Skygrasper for some reason?


Technically, the Skygrasper was the first PG model I ever built but the Strike is my first actual PG Gundam model ^^. The actual assembly process only took 2-3 weeks so it wasn’t so bad but school and other things kinda delayed this review for two months haha.


A look at the “skeleton” of the Strike Gundam.

Not exactly a friendly face underneath all that armor… ^^;

Multitude of details. It’s not exactly ideal to be shooting black-on-black so you might have to click on the photos to see some of the details ^^;.

It is the inner frame is where you can see all the engineering marvels that goes on within a Gundam model. I give major props to the technical designer who have to come up with where to put such details. Can you imagine the designers coming up with the details to put on the model? All those energy pipes, patterns, panel lines, pistons, nuts and bolts on the frame… It’s amazing.

The mechanical engineering of this model.

Hey look! It can actually kneel without looking funky!

I don’t think I can ever get tired of admiring how the mechanics of the sliding parts, rods, pistons and stuff all move oh so smoothly together. However…

This is truly the saddest part of the frame- The waist’s rotation range is obstructed by its own ass.



Articulation is not just for show… oh wait…

Giant and nimble = Terror

It can even kick with no problem ^^

Running around like that almost makes it look like an EVA…

Nope… not intimidating at all…

The blade is very reflective…



Whereas the inner frame shows the mechanical details, the completed Strike shows the aesthetic details.

More views

It almost worked ^^;


One of the few Gundam (models) that looks good from straight on ^^. With the LEDs off, the Gundam looks deactivated (I supposed it is in a sense).

You have to remove the armor piece behind the head in order to flip the switch for the LED. I think running a magnet across the head to turn it on was cooler (like the old MG LED head swap parts). The LED was originally yellow but I found that quite boring so I replaced it with a red one instead…

Sinister… :D


The PG Strike doesn’t come with any decals so I had to make do with their clear stickers and I think they turned out alright. Some had to go around corners and bends so I had to slice them to be able to do so.

Random tattoos on the arms. Some locations were physically impossible to place stickers on so I just deviate a little and put wherever I see fit. The whole sticker layout itself already seem arbitrary to begin with anyway >_>

Strike’s warranty information is conveniently printed on the right arm. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover battery replacements and the warranty will be voided if operated by a Coordinator.


Hooray for the first-ever open cockpit shot of a Gundam model on this blog?

They even bother to give you a cover for the slot that the Aile Striker plugs into.


“CINQUE” is plastered all over the Gundam as if they were scared the enemy wouldn’t know what kind of model the Strike is…

The slots on the back lets you store the beam rifle or connect the power cable on the Archangel… but the beam rifle doesn’t have such a peg the beam rifle’s peg is cleverly well hidden inside the rifle below the scope but this model does not come with any power cords like the MG >_>


Easily the most sophisticated part of the model.

I love the PG Strike’s legs. Sleek yet muscular, sharp and very detailed. Even though the armor has a two-two color scheme (gray and white), I honestly don’t think it’s so bad as I had originally thought. I think I can safely say you will only really be bothered by it if you look hard at it. I didn’t realize the different shades until I looked at the parts in person and I’ve looked over reviews of the PG many times before this project.


Shoulders and side of the legs… I think the PG GP-01 FB looks more awesome with this kind of stuff.

Oh yea… the chest plates can also slide open but I forgot about it ^^;


… sike!

I think this Strike is one of the very few who can actually flip the camera off and actually look serious about it. Just had to point this out ^^;



Only one of the most dangerous weapons from this Gundam. Just ask Yzak.

It can even pierce the heavens!

… maybe not. At this point, I’ve already spotted a slight annoyance; the shoulder armor grinds against the side of the body from time to time when you rotate the shoulders. That is really annoying because it can eventually pop off the front body armor or just grind off against each other.

“Your ass is next!”


… because Grand SLAM is a stupid name.

While the sword is really nice, it is a bit heavy. The slot on the handle for the palm’s peg also wears off (common problem) over time and that made matters worse. With two hands, the model can semi-successfully wield the sword without much blundering around.

Putting the articulation to good use!



*ahem*… moving on…


Let the back-heaviness begins!

As with the Skygrasper, Strike also takes up a fair bit of extra space with the Aile Striker pack docked on despite its (deceivingly) small size.

Armed and ready to take off!

The shield is more cumbersome in this model because you have to plug it behind the arm, lock it in with the arm’s clamp then hold onto it with the hands. Seems like you can’t throw the shield away even in the event of an emergency…

MG Strike 2.0 should take after the PG’s design…


It was so hard to pose it on the ground due to its weight that I had to use the display base from the Skygrasper to prop it up and do only aerial shots. With the model on the display base, even more space is consumed and I actually had a hard time keeping the photo inside my backdrop’s border >_<.

Sucks that Bandai doesn’t make an ACTION base for PG models and none of my other bases can hold this thing up. I don’t like how much space the display base takes up and it’s not flexible enough for decent action poses (no sideway tilting, only front and forward tilt). I’m pleased to tell you that there is no drama with the Gundam holding the beam rifle; the weapon just connects and stays connected. No problem here.

Nonetheless, poseability is greatly enhanced with the model on a stand. However, I began to notice that the legs started to sag after some play due to gravity which is a bummer (die-cast metal isn’t exactly light so it’s reasonable…). It doesn’t happen immediately and it’s very slow so it’s not a big deal.

I’m just fond of this shot :D

Grab that beam saber…

Let’s saber dance…

Instead of painting it the usual clear red, I spraypainted it with Tamiya Metallic red this time but only just enough to see it sparkle so you can still see through it.

But as with any toothpick (or in this case, chopstick) beam saber, it’s hard to get any good poses out of it because it’s just so… plain? Might be better if the beam effect part was swoop back or something.

Round 2 of Grand Slashing glory!

Still not any easier with the arms but at least being in midair allows for some newer poses. You can probably see that the battery for the LED is already dying at this point… xD

Name all the Gundam models you can see in this photo.


– *Insert obvious statements about how amazing the articulation is*

– Very solid and rigid structure. Nothing feels flimsy.

– Drop dead gorgeous design. Love the details! Both inside and out. It’s just… Striking

– Strong joints for the most part


– Very back-heavy with the Aile Striker on. The model can almost tilt back depending on the feet’s position. Otherwise, the Strike just looks proud to bear its chest.

– The forearm can accidentally slip out if you rotate the arms enough times. Minor issue; the arm isn’t loose or anything.

– slots on the Grand Slash’s handle becomes a bit loose too quick and could be a bit weighty at certain angles.

– Saggy legs but that’s bound to happen. No biggie.

– Slight grinding between shoulder and ribs (underarm area)

– Waist motion limited by its own design

– Could use more swords har har


That’s it for my first Perfect Grade model. You gotta remember this model was released in 2004 and at that time, it probably was the best model out of Bandai. I still think it is one of the best to date. Great looks (very important for display) and great deal of articulation for play. The negatives should no way set anyone back since they occur in just about every model one way or another. For $100-120-ish (I bought mine for $100), I think this is the PERFECT model for the price. Personally, I think the Skygrasper is somewhat optional and not too much of a necessity like some make it out to be but for $50, it’s almost like an afterthought (“hey, why not?” sort of deal) and you get a lot out of it. This is indeed, the Perfect model of the Strike Gundam.



129 thoughts on “PG Aile Strike Gundam

  1. Hey Z-
    Is the armor schneiders painted or did they come plated? Also, how did you get the gun’s scope a blue color?

  2. I’m thinking of building a PG Strike Gundam as my Culminating Project for high school. I need to spend at least 40 hours on it; how long did building the Strike alone take you? Thanks a lot Z!!

    1. It seems that I usually take a month for any model regardless of grade. Nowadays, it’s more toward “forever/never” though.

    2. I’ve been working on my pg stike for 16 hours now. i just finished the legs and pelvis (the first section). i have been using paint to line all the details on said parts i imagine i could easily spend another 24 hours on it with actual painting, filling and decals.

  3. good review. REALLY detailed revirw love it. i want to point out 1 thing. it not grand slash, it called grand slam ^_^

  4. i think very good kit and review. WOW~
    Q1) how to paint of inner frame and outer gloves? ex. topcoat flat, matt clear spray…
    please, tell me detail skill and painting work process in regular sequence!
    (because of your PG work is style that i want) ^.^
    Q2) are U use mark setter/sofer to attach decal stickers on the outer gloves?
    or just spray flat clear after straight build and attach decal stickers

    1. Dude its a tough choice!!!, if u want a cheaper yet awesome ass kit plus u already have the backpack, get Strike!!! by all means!!! But if u love 00 raiser just as much and u dont mind paying the high price, and u love all the accessories it comes with hence the high price!!! Go f\or 00!!! XD I probably havent helped much but they are hard choices!!! XD

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