SD Destiny Gundam

The SD Destiny Gundam is my favorite SD Gundam model in the collection. This cute little one can do a lot and comes with tons of gimmicks. I noticed it’s also the first model to use actual transparent parts for beam effect. This is a big plus for a SD model which usually comes with solid color plastic for beam sabers and such. Also included is a pair of Palma Faciona hands (“Shining Finger”)! I didn’t like how it comes in white so I painted it in chrome. The best thing is the inclusion of transparent pink parts for the wings for its volture lumiere (however you spell it). I didn’t like SEED Destiny enough to remember its techno-babble.

This model is like a mini version of its HG counterpart. Easily one of the best SD Gundam models out there for around $10.

The pictures will speak more than my words. I actually took new photos just for this review (built this over a year ago) ^_^




8 thoughts on “SD Destiny Gundam

  1. I just don’t like the Destiny enough to get this model…..I was never a fan of the SEED Destiny models, I liked the GAT machines from SEED the best, which included Strike, Duel, Buster, Aegis, and Blitz. Sadly, those mobile suits were never seen again in SEED Destiny, only Strike Rouge was…..-sigh-

  2. I got this model for my Sister’s birthday last month. I did buy it since I knew she’d like the wings, but I got it mostly to practice spray painting, heh. I had her pick the colors. I personally wouldn’t of given it a white/purple/orange color scheme, but w/e. XD

    I was also pleased to find out that one of my spare revoltech stands worked on this model so we can actually display in her room it in a flying pose (and I didnt have to shell out more cash for a stand).

    …I think that I’m just rambling now. :X I’ll have to get one of these for myself one day. I don’t like how easily the wings and cannon thingy fall off, but regardless, it’s a very fun SD kit.

  3. i love this kit so much the joints for the shoulders are amazing should paint the black on the wings and pannel line itll look even more amazing :P
    its a shame how they didnt put as much effort into the 00 SD kits as they did for this one ):

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