SD Duel Gundam

Just a cute little SD model ^_^

The basic Duel looks pretty boring so it’s a good thing they also include the Assault Shroud parts for it which makes it look a bit more mean. Worth getting just to have something fun to play around with if you don’t feel like spending a lot of time on a more complicated model.

4 thoughts on “SD Duel Gundam

  1. I wanted to get this one, but I saw the blu duel also. I was deciding on which one to get until I saw the 1/144 HG Aegis. Then…..well, you kinda know which one I got…….

  2. I seriously can’t tell the difference between the two Duels in SD form… but I went with the original just because it was piloted by Yzak ^^

  3. lol, Yzak is my fav charactor from Gundam Seed, he’s awsome. I just got this model in a bundle with the SD 00 Gundam for $10 yesterdday after I got my MG Wing Ver.Ka. It looks nice, and I’m still painting it.

  4. Differences with the two Duel Gundams:
    – Shield attachment is different for the two kits.
    – Blu Duel (BD) has extra fin at the backpack
    – You get a claw/throwing knives for the BD in exchange for the rifles of the Assualt Shroud(AS).
    – BD’s left panel on the shoulders opens up.
    – Removable front body armor and skirt for the AS.

    But they are the same without the armor. I got the Blu Duel. But I think the AS is better. ^_^

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