SD God Gundam

Same as the SD Shining Gundam. This one is also a remake of the older SD God Gundam. It comes with funny hand pieces and the awesome GOD FINGER for its right hand, all in transparent orange plastic. There’s one thing that every form that the God Gundam comes in, whether it be GFF, Gunpla, or MSiA, they all have one thing in common: super articulation. This SD model is no different. It can pose better than most SD models out there and it can do a lot even with those little hands and feet.

As with the SD Shining Gundam, the SD God Gundam can also use the hands from its MG counterpart. This is nice because even though this model includes multiple hands, it only have one BURNING FINGER for the right hand and no closed fist but it comes with a “peace” hand and one connected to its beam saber. Its chest piece can be swapped between a closed and open piece, revealing a green foil orb (weak). You get to assemble the core lander for the God Gundam and I thought that was a nice gimmick but I don’t ever see the want/need to remove it after putting it inside the model. Play around too much with its wings and it’ll become loose (faster than the poly cap joints).

In terms of fun factor, it’s basically the same as the SD Shining Gundam; they both reek of awesomeness. That shouldn’t be a surprise. No need for me to elaborate on a SD Gundam’s poseability since I’m sure the pictures will speak better than my words =)


2 thoughts on “SD God Gundam

  1. This was my first Gunpla. <3 I actually decided on getting him as soon as I saw him on your site. I love the amount of poseability he has, and he managed to look badass and cute at the same time. His wings are kinda loose and his head is somewhat wobbly now, but I still like him.

    After I was done with him I moved up to a master grade Alex right away. A little more experience may of been helpful at the time but I was just so eager. XD

    This guy not only got me into Gunpla but got me really interested in getting more SD models.

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