SD Gundam Exia

I only needed one reason to pick this model up- It comes with a giant sword. Since I picked this up soon after it was released (I think…), I didn’t know Bandai would release SD Exia R2 some time later with a better sword otherwise I would’ve waited -_-. Oh well. This little kit cost like less than $10 so it doesn’t hurt one way or another to just snap-fit and call it a day.


Not much in this little box- 4 runners. Clear green parts that might as well be plain clear. foils and the manual.

Look closely at the gates on the runner (the connecting points between the part and the runner)… the point is almost non-existent so that you can pretty much break the parts off with your bare hands/without a snipper. This is clearly designed for children ^^. I thought it was cool too until I realized how much it sucks; the gate is too small for the snipper to cut through or it cuts dangerously close to the actual part and sometimes leaving a “crater” nubmark. Twisting the parts out yields similar results, unfortunately

Painted the so-called clear green parts with… clear green paint (Tamiya acrylic).


Here are all the parts of the Gundam laid out. Other things I’ve painted: gray on the foot, the yellow fins on the body (they were originally white), hand armor, the GN condensers on its arms and legs, and Exia’s forehead and face vents (they were tedious). Used foil for everything else after seeing that all-blue body… figured it was wayyy too much work than what it was worth ^^;. Maybe I’ll go back and paint it some other day…

Parts assembled!


hmm… SD cuteness level could be turned up a notch… maybe smaller overall body and a bigger head?

Here’s a good closer look at all the details it has.

– Head design is fine

– all-blue body is kinda lame (more on this bit later).

– GN Drive can spin. cool!

– No joints in the elbow. What the hell? Fun kill!

– Legs are practically useless (can’t rotate) thanks to the way they are connected (ball and socket to the side) and the ankles obstruct the feet from bending; I think the legs hinder the model more than if it didn’t have ’em!

I think Bandai skimped a lot on this SD kit. Monochrome weapons and shields are a given in this line-up but monochrome body as well? AND no elbow joints?! It sounds like a really big step backward considering that even the SD Nu Gundam has it (which was released back in 2000). As a matter of fact, just about all my other SD models (released after GGEN F) has jointed elbows and at least two colors for the body so it feels like Bandai has really cut back on SD models (I checked and see that the rest of Setsuna’s Gundams and SD Unicorn also have no elbow joints). Not sure why they think it’s a good idea to remove what little articulation SD models have left in them. This is my only gripe.


Didn’t bother painting them ^^;.

The holders are separate pieces that can be attached to the legs so you can store the blades there but the blades look so crappy, I decided to leave them off ^^;.


Skip the gun! Let’s get straight to the sword! I wasn’t feeling the blade that it came with so I swapped it for something slightly bigger :P

I can safely assume that you can tell where I got the blade from, right? ^^;

The sword itself can weigh down Exia… xD

Can’t really do much posing without elbow joints…

“Exia! Exterminating the target!”


Compared to other (and older) SD models, Exia is really lacking in a few aspects but given their target audience, my points are pretty much moot. The more advanced modelers will be able to make this model more fun and display-worthy while lesser modelers like me will just have to live with this. I don’t really have much of a “problem” though since I don’t take SD models seriously (just something to play around with) ^^;. If you want an SD Exia, then might I suggest the SD R2 instead? It looks better methinks.


22 thoughts on “SD Gundam Exia

  1. SD exia was my very last SD. Would prefer the R2 too because it has more stuffs.

    A rather short review of yours, but basically you pointed out the important points which worth highlighting so it’s alright. Maybe I’ve just got too used to your lengthy and detailed reviews lol. SD’s review need not to be too long huh.

    I painted the body and weapons accordingly. Spent a lot a lot of time but it was worthy. Mind the GN sword hand handle. Since the GN sword turning point is stiff, you might cause the handle to break off. The reason why i knew because i learnt from mistake XD

    The rest are just fine, would be great if we stuff in a USB LED into the GN drive lol.

    1. How would anyone be able to stand 100+ photos of a semi-painted model? xD

      Stuffing a LED into this Exia shouldn’t be too hard since the inside is so hollow… the LED unit just has to be small enough though >_>

      1. Hi, I’ve been following this website for quite a long time, or can say I am one of the supporter here.
        When I read mike comment : “The rest are just fine, would be great if we stuff in a USB LED into the GN drive lol”, something appear in my mind. Since this website was giving me some much enjoyable moments, from model review, model building, photography skills, gundam 4koma and etc…. just feel like wish I can contribute back something here. Actually I have a SD exia which with LED inside the GN drive, the ears and above the eyes / below the V fin. If mike don’t mind, I hope can share with your here on my SD exia, but I don’t know what I suppose to do if wanna to attached photo here, please advise. Thanks :-)

  2. Aww, *faints after seeing so much paintjob is needed

    The all blue torso, the GN sword (and i assume the shield is the same case), no elbow joints (and grey joints needs paint)… blah blah blah… too much to mention.

  3. I actually really like this SD because of the fact that it needed so much painting xP I bought two and the second one came out perfect, though I’m too scared to try painting the yellow/grey cheeks xD

  4. never even knew that MG Exia’s GN Sword can fit on the SD.

    just built one too, and I don’t quite get it either why many of the SD’s now doesn’t even poses an elbow joint, I can understand the Caliber Tallgeese for not having one due to the design, but my 2 SD Astray and SD GP03D also have elbows..

  5. Yeah it’s strange how it seems SDs are getting worse, that Shining Gundam looks like how SD kits should be, elbows and all!

    Hmm, I think I have an SD Exia sitting around somewhere too…

    Good review! Maybe I’ll put mine together one day haha

  6. Well the SD Exia R2 isnt all that better >.< the sword requires 2 STICKERS just to get the color right! Otherwise its just a plain grayish black sword….

  7. I’d say that newer SD kits sacrifice articulation for looks and proportions. However, with the longer limbs, I would expect some knee articulation going on but it’s not really my case since I, just like you, don’t take SD kits too seriously.

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