SD Force Impulse Gundam


SD Impulse “Strike 2.0” Gundam, like most SD Gundams, came out without much hype exposure before being released and thus, its existence is hardly recognized much. I got the model this year as a souveneir and thought it was a recent release but it actually came out in 2005!



Not much inside the box… just three runners, a PC runner, and a huge wad of foil sticker. The biggest I’ve seen out of all the SD Gundams I have.


In this particular SD model, Bandai molded just about everything together; there are no movable side skirts nor any body parts. Just Two halves connected together. Very plain.


For the arms- one-piece shoulder and half pieces make up the arm.

For the Legs- Usual one-piece leg and feet that doesn’t have any gimmicks.


Foil stickers galore.


This is probably the hardest part of the model (and it’s not that hard)… Doing the panel lines for the head and detailing the inside can take a bit of time, patience and steady hand.


Two-piece action base, two-piece shield with foil stickers, flat beam rifle, and painted beam toothpick.

The Gundam


Cute like most SD Gundams and since this is a straight build, it shouldn’t look too bad with some proper panel line inking here and there. Can you imagine this little thing is actually back-heavy? xD


Articulation… not much to note here. Just your standard ball-and-socket range and size limitation haha. It does well with what little range it have.

The base that comes with the Gundam is fixed so it can only turn left or right but not tilt. Any Gundam with a PC part on the groin can use it.



^Cheap reenactment…


^ Now where have I seen that pose before?
Some of the more “hardcore” modelers will say they don’t like SD models because it lack all sort of details and whatnot but I really don’t think that’s the point. I like them for exactly what they are- simple and cute versions of its serious counterpart; something I can easily put together and have a little fun. SD models aren’t something I take seriously and so the effort I put into it is minimum ^^;. Nonetheless, I like this model and well worth the $7 you can grab it for.

5 thoughts on “SD Force Impulse Gundam

  1. Hahahaha ^.^
    i think its not beam toothpick,
    its beam cotton bud!
    I have this little lad too..loves the head,,
    and the base is working on destiny too..
    Btw,how bout the other lad?
    Ya know,00-chan 0.o

  2. I was decideing on which to get, the 00 or the Impluse. I had the option of a bundle of 2 SD’s 4 $10, and I ended up buying the SD Duel and the SD 00. I just didn’t like the Implulse…it was a knokoff of the Strike.

  3. hey can u tell me wat did u use to paint the beam saber pink? which pink did u used? teach me pls! the pink looks nice!!!

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