SD Nu Gundam HWS

I got this during my visit to NYC in 2005. I’ve been looking for it online for the longest time and finally found it in one of the shops under Elizabeth Center (I LOVE that place!). This is the second SD G Gen Nu GUndam released by Bandai and it lacked the spring-loaded launcher from the first model (SD 001), it comes with the HWS parts and molded in much better quality.

For the most part, the plastic is molded in the right color except the little details on the body and Fin Funnels. I didn’t like the black plastic on it so I painted that in black. The 4-piece HWS and weapons are completely white and sadly, are molded on one side only. I love how this model actually have articulations in its arms that is usable.

This little thing should take no longer than an hour to snap together even if you go as slow as you can… but I took about two hours >_>;.

This SD model is actually pretty decent considering the time it was released and looks good straight-built. Of course… I would love to detail it up but that’s something I can save for some time later..

5 thoughts on “SD Nu Gundam HWS

  1. ooo….. I have this kit too, and can’t wait to get it painted. Love the HWS. Speaking of which…is that a 1/144 Nu-HWS in the last pic? Where’d it come from? I don’t remember seeing ANY HWS kits of Bandai’s at ALL, and only a MG Conversion/addon from one of the Resin companies.

  2. Ah, GFF. Love that series for the most part :) got one of the Zeta Plus Blue and it’s pretty neat, aside from how some of the parts don’t fit together too well sometimes.

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