SD RX-78-2 Gundam

No need for a review for this little thing :)

Pick it up if you can find one. It should be pretty cheap by now. The most awesome gimmick is its “inner skeleton” that mimicks the MG line-up xD. Beside that, it’s your normal lack-of-detail-and-correct-color SD Gundam.


– Painted the verniers dark silver

– Painted the hands in

– Painted the cockpit window of the core fighter

– Painted the beam saber pink

8 thoughts on “SD RX-78-2 Gundam

  1. The inner skeleten looks impressive, indeed. I want it soooooo badly! It would be perfect cuz I have Char’s Zaku II……, I want it so badly, but I can’t find it! >.<

  2. For say year 2000 standards, these kits are pretty cool. A smaller body, longer limbs and a larger head then it’s perfect.

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