SD Shining Gundam

This one is a remake of an older SD Shining Gundam (think of this as a “2.0” for SD). It’s more articulated, looks better, and comes with clear green Shining Finger parts.

Thanks to its free-moving legs and feet, this SD Shining Gundam can actually imitate (as physically as possible) to its MG counterpart quite nicely ^_^. The slots for the hands are compatible with the MG Shining/God Gundam’s hands. The newer photos I took uses the Hyper Mode God Gundam’s fists for posing in case you’re wondering why they’re gold. The faceplate is a bit hard to get symmetrical sometimes because its not exactly a tight fit on the head but this shouldn’t matter since you’ll probably want it in FACE OPEN! mode anyway =) The only other issue is the white shoulder piece only slides on so it doesn’t stay lifted up for long to show off its gold foil sticker inside.

You’ll probably have a lot of fun playing around with this guy than other SD Gundams because it moves so well and everybody loves the SHINING FINGER! but it also comes with other hands like a “Thumb up” and “Peace” to do silly poses. The ability to transform into SUPER MODE is a nice touch and makes the SD Shining Gundam more badass. In this mode, the model seems to be a bit bigger than other SD models.

In case you’re wondering, the lower quality pictures are quite old (when I didn’t have a good camera). The few photos of SD Shining beating the crap out of SD Strike Freedom was an angry response to how horribly the SD Strike Freedom sucked (lack of gimmicks, fun factor, etc.) compared to SD Shining despite that it was released YEARS after SD Shining.

There’s a guest star in the gallery. See if you can spot it ^_^


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