SD Stargazer Gundam

This is one unique Gundam I should say. The gold lines (foil stickers) running throughout its little body gives it a subtle bling among the other SD Gundams. Not to mention its huge Chakram-style ring on its back (used for propulsion if I remember correctly).

Nothing noteworthy to point out about the construction process since it’s so easy like with every other SD model. The fun and highlight comes from its backpack! Cool transparent green effect parts are included for its beam defense reenactment! Any time a SD Gundam model comes with transparent parts is a huge plus! You can bend and twist the rings in many ways, from simply sitting on the back to being lower behind, or even as a “display base”!

Gallery tells all!

3 thoughts on “SD Stargazer Gundam

  1. It looks amasing! (just that I can’t find it anywhere)
    Anyway, I really like how the head loks, and the green rings look awsome, too! xDDDD

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