SD Strike Freedom Gundam

I don’t even remember where nor when I go this model but at the time, I thought this was the only NEAR DECENT thing I can find for the Strike Freedom. The 1/100 and MSiA are hideous reincarnation of the Gundam and I didn’t bother with 1/144 back then. I thought the SD is the only painless way to go… not really.

I built this AFTER building my SD Destiny Gundam so my expectations were a bit…skewed. I was expecting this model to be somewhat even near the SD Destiny Gundam but alas… I was disappointed. This Gundam has totally no gimmicks (opening its wings doesn’t count). It has just about nothing going for it except it’s a bit taller than most SD models.

Even for a SD kit, this model is very plain looking and looks like it NEED to be painted to look good. This is strange because some SD models that were released A YEAR BEFORE this one has no problem having awesome gimmicks, beam effects part, and decent details – See SD Shining Gundam, God Gundam, Blitz Gundam, Destiny Gundam, Gundam Alex, and… pretty much every other SD model I have. Am I being harsh on this model? Probably not. There’s no excuse why Bandai would make its counterpart, SD Destiny, so awesome with its Wing and beam effects but skimp on this. I came to two conclusions why:

1. Bandai actually hates the Strike Freedom and try to make it as bad as possible without being unsellable to steer fans away. Just look at the 1/100 Strike Freedom, its MSiA, its Cosmic Region figure (really short wings), and 1/60 model- They are all ugly. This is all before the MG version came out… which fixed the situation (kinda).

2. The Strike Freedom is actually so popular that no matter how much Bandai skimp on its product, people will still buy it.

Sadly… gut feeling tells me the latter is correct. Do I hate Strike Freedom? I actually like its design but hate its products. Anyway, I just thought I grabbed this model to go with my SD Destiny and not exactly for SF itself. Now to see when I’ll get around to my MG Strike Freedom FB…

My feelings back then after assembling this kit.


10 thoughts on “SD Strike Freedom Gundam

  1. SF FB is one hell of a kit (except for the flaw of the joint of the wings that deteriorates SO fast…)
    I’ve never been too fond of the SD models due to their simplicity. I got the Destiny one because it had the Wings of Light and was very pleased with it but aside that, the rest arr too simply or disappointing (like this one lol)

  2. hahah it’s their simplicity that’s attractive. After putting a ton of efforts into a few MG models, it’s nice to just be laid back and put something small together for fun. :)

  3. -The one
    From your statement, i am sure that you havent meet the MG strike freedom by your own eyes. I just bought it( and heck i didn’t even watch seed destiny). It was hell of a kit, looks pretty nice overall.The only thing that i am not statisfied with this kit is the decals…the decals are boring XD

  4. Lelouch, you can geass me into doing it :D

    KKTE, true, the only model/product form of the SF is the MG model. I find everything else that ever came out for it to be a total eyesore. Not aesthetically pleasing at all.

  5. You don’t like the lightning edition? Weird I think it looks pretty cool. I hate how tehy don’t give stickers for the rifles.

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