SD Super Gundam

There’s nothing “Super” about the Super Gundam unless you want to think its combination sequence is Super Robot-oriented. I’ve never liked the Gundam Mk. II… not in the anime and definitely not in SRW.

This SD model of the Super Gundam is an old one; you can tell by it not having any legs. The general detail of SD models are kept to a minimum and foil stickers covers quite a lot of stuff. The only weapon included is a one-sided Beam launcher. Yea… this model is pretty Super.

I still like it though and grab it if you find it for a reasonable price (~$8) because these older models are seemingly hard to find or could be on the verge of being discontinued but with no replacement (yet) like some have received (Shining and God Gundam to name a couple).

4 thoughts on “SD Super Gundam

  1. yeah, the backpack thing is kinda like the 0 Raiser…but the Gundam itself is pretty much just the Mk.II, isn’t it?

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