MG V Dash Coming

Ha… called this from the start of the original MG V.  One of the few good things out of Bandai’s current milking scheme is that you have a pretty good chance of predicting future releases. The V-Dash added much more needed “stuff” to the Gundam so that it’s not so plain (and it’s the variation that I actually do want). I was all ready to “right click>pre-order” until the price came up… 6090 yen. HOLY ****. 6090 YEN?! With shipping, that could be over $80! I might’ve put up with 4500-5000 yen but this sounds kinda ridiculous… but then again, you are getting A LOT of stuff (mainly weapons… and a buzz?) In case you feel like you got played for buying the regular V, Bandai got you covered with the standalone V-Dash stuff (and a display base too!) for ~2300 yen ($30-something dollars with shipping). Either way you combine it, the total for the MG V-Dash is bound to be over $70 unless you get sale deals. I am not throwing it out of my GET window just yet but I’ll see how the final thing looks like first. Damnit Bandai…

As always, source: Ngee Khiong

Now to wait for the MG V2…

Next Project: A Guy…

But not just any guy though… it’s the Acguy! Haha! I know some of you are waiting for the Red Frame review but I want to work on something even more fresh and completely non-Gundam… so I turn to this awesome little (Ac)guy. Hopefully I’ll have some fun… given the scenario I have in my head. So far I’ve just cut out a few pieces so no WISP to show yet. ’tis the month of May which means many birthdays, midterms, exams, graduations, work and a wedding to attend to and I am just… busy.

GFFMC Unicorn Gundam: Thoughts…

I have been thinking long and hard about this but I STILL cannot find a single valid reason to justify the price on this GFF Metal Composite figure/model. I want to keep my mouth shut on this but I just have to rant it off this time. I love the Unicorn Gundam and I love the GFF MC line-up so this combo should’ve been a win… if it wasn’t for its beyond-absurdity 18900 yen (over ~$200) price tag. At the end, I’ve conclude that this thing is artificially marked up in its line-up the same way the PG 00-Raiser is to the PG-line (aka for absolutely no good reasons). The point of this post is me asking “Just where is that extra ~$100 premium coming from?!”

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MG Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise Review

Well, looks like it is a miracle on this blog afterall. In just a week, I’ve managed to start and finish the MG Astray Blue Frame, complete with its review all up (that alone would usually take me 1-3 days). The usual end-of-review bonus is a bit uncoordinated and sloppy this time around as I was shooting the photos between 1-4 AM (I had a hard time figuring out what was going on when I was uploading the photos). Hope it is still understandable ^^;. I think I can do this more often (pump out more reviews) if I don’t always take an 8 hour break for every 15 minutes I work on a project… haha just kidding. Anyway, here’s the review and hope you have fun scrolling. Thanks for looking =)

Time to Go Astray

Beginning with the Blue Frame first. I just started on it last night and man, I can’t believe all the little gritty details I have to ink in o_o. If I do the panel line for one part, then I have to do it everywhere otherwise it looks half-assed. I’m just glad I got the damn hands out of the way at least; I remember how much it sucked to paint the 1/100 Red Frame’s hands. I di d a crappy job on it but oh well >_>.

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