Gunpla Chat 07

I could write a post about how my summer courses went but that would be lame for a “I’m back!” post. The above photo figuratively describes my current state in Gunpla- a mess. So it’s been a week since I’ve completed my three condensed courses for the summer and I am still just stumped on getting back into this hobby. At first, I thought I could just dive right back in where I left off, crack a few plastics, and polish off one model a week like I did last year around this time but… my head is just blank. Guess it is tougher than I thought to shake off the rust. Yes, I still owe you all the Hi-Nu Gundoom review… the one that should’ve been finished two months ago. It will be done before the end of the month. Count on it this time. For now… please let me just ease my way back into blogging… ^^;

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Anime Expo: The Gundam Booth

So I didn’t realize how many pics I took of the Gundam stuff so I decided to put it in a post of its own. There is much to see and just about everything is from one booth. I kept my words of not buying anything Gundam. The prices were surprisingly decent though. There were even great deals like the GFFMC RX-782 G3 Gundam + G Fighter for $75 and the GFFMC Zeta Plus for ~$120… and no shipping fee! Too bad I don’t live in Cali to take advantage of it. Nothing to regret though… their biggest failure was lack of SHFiguarts =P.

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Future Gunpla Releases

I can’t even come up with a proper title to describe how much WIN Bandai is dropping on us this year. First off, here’s some tidbit to clear some things up- apparently Bandai is merging all their HG lines into one “HG Across the Universal Century” line (hence maybe that’s why you start seeing the series title on the box now too) so that’s how you get upcoming things like the HG 1/144 God Gundam, Gundam X, and ZZ Gundam. Guess Bandai finally realize that they have more Gundam series in their library than just UC, SEED and 00.

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Seravee WISP and More New Stuff…

For a 1/144, this thing is sure loaded with parts. All that’s left are the legs (working on it), canons, and face. Too bad I won’t be able to finish it since I have two finals this week ^^;.

As for the new stuff that just came in, I’ve finally updated my Future Projects page with them in if you want to take a gander ^^. Shouldn’t be anything surprising given my love for certain weapons…

On a semi-related subject, this was the only worthwhile thing I bought during the TG craze. $60 for a 500 GB might only be a decent deal (was originally $100) but I love how slim and small it is (just slightly bigger than an ipod). No power cords too! Apparently the 300 GB internal HDD in my tower is not enough.

Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to the rest of the entries for the giveaway and I’ll be closing it down tomorrow night when I get home from school/work.

GFF Wing Gundam Early Type


Remember when this blog used to be a “home look” on Gunplas AND GFF? It seems like the GFF section is need of some maintenance and blog love and sooo… here’s a much needed complete re-review (with all-new photos) of the GFF Wing Gundam Early Type (Ver. Ka). This is also a great way to introduce it to those who never knew such a page/section ever existed on this blog. Eventually, I’ll start doing re-reviews (mainly taking new photos) of other GFF and older models too so their pages are a little more uniform with my current review format with the more recent models. I also owe you the following: HG 1/144 Seravee review, MG Acguy review, and Turn A battle. Depending on my free time, I’ll either work on Seravee or the battle photoshoot first…



There was a Paypal promotion going on with HLJ some weeks ago where they offered free EMS shipping if paying with Paypal. I didn’t see anything I wanted at first (because so many things were out) so I didn’t give care about the promo afterward. Come the last hour (literally) of the promotion, I gave in to yet another impulse buy and picked up Seravee ^^; after checking HLJ for the last time. I wanted to pick up Arios GNWHWYHWHWH/whatever and Cherudim GNWTHWTF/whatever too but they were out. I’ve always liked Seravee and Tieria is just <3.


Gurren Lagann Giga Drill Breaker cell phone strap I think this is… or keychain ^^;


Probably my first anime apparel? Unless the Tare Danny shirt also counts ^^;

Anyone also took advantage of the free EMS shipping? What did you bought? It was probably the best savings anyone outside of Japan could’ve ever gotten from a Japanese hobby site. I would gladly take free shipping for my order than save like a few % on some items.