Some were wondering what the little green thing was a couple of post down. This is Dampachi, TEIN’s mascot who is actually a damper (seriously…?). They make aftermarket suspension parts for cars. Funny how Japanese companies always seem to have a cute mascot no matter how serious their business is xD.

Here’s my Gundam car when it still had the 4×4 height (’07):


Dropped on TEIN SS Coilovers (’08):


No wheel gap ^^. Also love how firm it made the car and listening to my friends complaining about how “harsh” the ride is :D

Here’s a few shots that someone photoshopped:


Target Goal:


With all the mods I’ve done and want to do, I think this will be the longest WISP out of all my projects… xD

hmm… Summer is coming… hope the mod bug won’t bite…