G Gundam Cantonese Songs

The concept of G Gundam is very unique. The Gundam Fight, the Mobile Trace system, the characters, and the power of love+hotblood>>>evil all makes the series very original compared to the rest. There’s also one other thing that is unique to G Gundam- OFFICIAL Canto-pop songs! Straight from Neo Hong Kong!

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Great Teacher Onizuka

I picked this up from Kinokuniya probably like a year ago but I only started reading it awhile ago ^^;. My Japanese friend recommends that I read manga in Japanese because it helps the brain to practice flash reading (reading on the spot; without thinking). Manga generally have furigana next to the kanji in the text so even little kids can read it so it makes sense that it will also help those who are learning Japanese as well.

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Pocky- the “official” snack/breakfast/lunch/dinner/food/life source of the dedicated otaku and weeabo. It’s amazing how some people get all crazy seeing this stuff for sale… especially at anime cons. Some of them literally go bat**** insane the moment they see the little red box (I would know… I sold pocky and ramune once at a con…) and buy them by the cases. The original flavor taste like a pile of cow dunks but I gotta admit that the other flavors are actually yummy. but still… can someone explain to me the overall craze over this snack? Where are the anime references? The only one I know of is from G Gundam where it was eaten by Wong Yun Fat… and I do not want to be associated with him when I eat this >_>. Anyway, thought I pick up one pack of each just to make this post (seriously…)… this is only a tiny fraction of their entire selection. If I were to buy their whole collection, I think it’ll be well over $70…

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Just As Planned, 0

So I’ve caught some pretty nasty germs or something a day ago which left me confined in bed with a shivering body and puking out blood and stomach acid a few times. Ugh. I blame it on this sukiyaki burger I had (just replace the beef patty with sukiyaki beef). I had no solid food in my stomach at all today and basically drank only orange juice. =.=

So the only semi-productive thing I was able to do was watch the last episode of Code Geass R2 and here are my thoughts… WARNING: SUPER FABULOUS SPOILERS AHEAD!

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Kumoricon Videos

I’ve recorded a ton of videos and Kumoricon and finally managed to sort through the few that I wanted to show ^_^. For today, it’ll be the dancing trooper and the Lupin Outtakes (some are hilarious!). Later in the week, I’ll show outtakes from the anime Bobobobobobobbobobbobobobobobobobobbo or however you want to spell his name.

Please crank up your volume or you might not hear a thing ^^;

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