Final Gundam Astray Battle!

Here it is! The decisive battle! The final showdown of the Astray Gundams! The grand finale of the Astray Omake Trilogy! This goes down as the longest fight in the history of Gunpla Inochi! It even takes up a page of its own (under MG)! Enough talk! Here it is! The featured presentation- GUNDAM: ASTRAY VS. ASTRAY FINAL!

Alright… I wanted published this like… ten hours ago but complications came up. My wireless keyboard decides to not work on me after changing the battery, internet was lagging like crazy (this blog too…), trying to write this up on the MBP was extremely excruciating… and I caught a cold =.=. sore throat, headache, chest pain, coughs, runny nose, all the works… *sneezes* sigh… I’m really tired… I’ll get to the comments tomorrow… Goodnight.

Hope you enjoy the omake!

Kamen Rider is NOT Popular

Well… at least according to this blog, it isn’t ^^;. Some of you might remember that not too long ago,  there was a period when this blog pretty much became “Kamen Rider Inochi” and that was probably confusing some of you haha. I did that very intentionally just to gauge reaction, interest, feedback and discover if others have similar feelings toward KR; according to the KR poll (500 voted), opinions were split right at 50/50 so it’s “damn if I do and damn if I don’t” xD. Continue reading “Kamen Rider is NOT Popular”

Back to Going Astray…

It’s about time I go back to the main focus of this blog and that is reviewing Gunplas (after taking forever to assemble them). There isn’t much left for the Red Frame beside the TA and Gerbera  Straight… but they seem to be the most time consuming haha. I might have to change plans around a little depending on how things around me are going though (summer school). There will be a review or two of some sort this month though be it Gunpla or whatnot…