Still Alive…


Slowly, but surely I am still working on the MG Sinanju and will try to be done by the end of this month. This week was extremely chaotic for me; waking up early morning, go out, and not returning till 12 am. Everyday. I am dead tired. Okay, enough with that. Danny Choo and Ngee Khiong both posted up new goodies on the Perfect Grade Astray Red Frame. SWEET! While I usually just buy models I want when they first release, I’m gonna hold back this time because I have a full schedule of models to build this year already ^^;.

As for MG Sinanju’s WISP, I’m actually done with the entire arm but I want to wait until I’m actually awake so I can actually talk about it. Today’s part is about how Sinanju can trigger the inner OCD in you. I wasn’t satisfied in my paint job on the wrist part so I cleaned off the paint, repaint, and repeat till I am certain it was the best I can do (consequently, the parts are scratched a bit from the cleaning). Damn was it annoying. Just another thing to look out for if you’re planning on tackling this model. I’ll be back to full force on this model Sunday.

Red Frame 2nd L

I thought it would be better to review this model while I scramble for free time to complete my MG Strike. Since I’ve reviewed the 1/100 Gold Frame, the Red Frame has been nagging at me to write one up for it too ^^;. As the title implies, this is the 1/100 Gundam Astray Red Frame Second L (take the name literally… you’ll see what I mean at the end of the review xD).

It seems like life likes to pile stuff upon me every time I start on a MG, making me extremely busy and delaying its completion for as long as it can. I hope to finish it by Monday and review up by Tuesday.