Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen OG

“Old” news to some of you by now but I would still like to share my excitement about this unexpected news: A Super Robot Wars title for the Playstation 3! Finally! Now I think it’s time for me to finally pick up a PS3 this holiday ^^;. Originally, I was gonna get one to play Gran Turismo 5 but the game felt lacking after playing it at my friend’s. Anyway, yea… 2nd SRW OG. PS3. This is going to be pretty. Very pretty.

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Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Wars Z PV3

Just about two more weeks to go until the release of the Second Super Robot Wars Z! I’m so looking forward to it even if I don’t have a PSP yet. From the PV, the animation looks just as good as the first game on the PS2. I’m amazed that the PSP is even capable of handling voice-overs on top of such splendid animation o_o.

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Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Wars Z

It seems like it really is the end for SRW games on the PS2 now that we have a sequel game being released on a different console than the original ToT. SRWZ2 will be for the PSP instead on 4/14/2011. Mark your calendars! This is actually the first part of the sequel and the second part will be released later so we only get the first season of some of the series (Gundam 00, Gurren Lagann, and Code Geass comes to mind). Other noteworthy series (to me) include:

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Full Armor MK III

More Full Armor GFF goodness today with the review of the GFF Full Armor Gundam Mk III. Definitely one of the best looking Full Armor Gundams out there ^^. Wish my camera have better white balance so I can actually change the tone better…

Currently figuring out how to last my last two days as a “teenager” ^^;. Hmm… having everyone calling me “grown up” is beginning to get to me just a little but that’s okay because being young at heart is all that matters!

On the other side of hobbies…Been trying to set up a time to install my Euro R stuff on my car but first need to find the right hardware (screws, clips and nuts) and the right weather (70+ degrees). I was thinking of waiting until next spring since winter is around the corner but I’m not THAT patient… especially after waiting over half a year for the parts to arrive already. It’s also time I start planning (saving up) for mods I want to do next year- mainly an exhaust manifold. Most likely Mugen or FEEL’S if I start RIGHT NOW since it’ll cost one shiny penny.

Currently reviewing Alt-chan and will have it up hopefully by tomorrow… or Sunday if I’m gone all day tomorrow.

Rampage Ghost

Finally! Something to go with Thrudgelmir! These were in the package that I mentioned in my last post. Look forward to their reviews later this week or next.

I’ve made a point to myself to boycott (with very few exceptions) Kotobukiya SRW kits after building the 1/144 R-1 (garbage) and Cybuster until their quality and CRAFTSMANSHIP is worth the price. If I want SRW stuff, it would definitely be these figures. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this Alt-chan and Weis-chan for years now ^^;