Time for a Change…


Couldn’t find a proper pic for this post ^^;. Anyway, as all of you can see… this blog now has a new layout and a new name. I can’t remember the original but this is the third time I changed names but this one will be for good. I just think “A ‘home  look’ on Gunpla and GFF” was too mouthful. “Gunpla Inochi” covers a bit more meaning; the title shows that this blog is for the Gundam model lovers… and if you read it literally, it means “Gunpla Life” so it works really well here ^^. The “Home Look” is replaced by “Real” in the title to shorten things up. I am giving a “real” look on Gunplas… as in, how the the Gunpla looks out of the box as opposed to Bandai’s studio models. Essentially, this is still “home look” ^^. Lastly, I’ve always been looking for a better shorter name to call this blog  xD. I’m not stopping with just a new theme and title though… I’ll try to update all the page layouts and “refurbish” some older reviews as well… and eventually, I’ll open up my own site.

Now on to the next subject…


Okay I’m very late on this and I haven’t been paying attention but this blog has hit its half-milestone of 500k hits ^^;. Never thought I would reach this in just a little over a year.


Don’t know how it happened but views to this blog averages 2k daily and 3k when I get reviews out ^^. It would be awesome to know if half of those numbers are unique visitors. I don’t worry about the stats anymore since people somehow just find this blog from all over the place ^^;.


Top Pages of All Time. These are the pages that have the most views. No surprises here except the MG WZC… wonder why that review is so popular…

Once again… I thank all of you, lurkers and active readers, for coming here. A great part of this blog’s success comes from you. I’ll do my best to ensure more great times to continue and make this blog worth your time and visit. I also want to greatly thank anyone and everyone for referring others here either through blogrolls or linking from forums.  No doubt it does make me feel a bit proud of my effort or at least I know I’m doing something right ^^;. Ultimately, I now know that I’m much closer to this blog’s goal…

If you want to do a link exchange, please feel free to drop a line in the comments. I’ll happily trade with you :D

Ahh… I got more to say but I gotta bounce to work xD

Now on to the Gundam Fight later tonight…

Already November…

Hope you all had a great Halloween and didn’t party too hard. Kinda hard to believe that we’re almost into the holidays… Time sure flies by when there’s so much going on; there really is not much time to relax =.=. Here are my blog’s stats for October.

I was very happy that I was able to get through all the reviews I wanted to get done for the month plus a few more stuff ^^. I’m even happier that each month’s hits continue to beat the previous months. I’m sure it’ll cap off eventually since this is such a niche blog but I’m not concerned with that; it’s just a good feeling to see a graph always going higher and higher ^^;. This blog finally hit the 100,000 views mark during this month but I didn’t think it was anything to celebrate over (waiting for 1,000,000!).

It seems like this blog is becoming a little more popular each month as I occasionally noticed referrers that I’ve never seen before, clicked on it to go to that site (usually forums) and saw some people were referring others to this blog to show them examples of Gunplas or GFF. Some were even in languages I don’t know!

After redesigning this blog, I noticed that the “Master Grade” section is the most popular page here BY FAR (1600 hits in Oct alone). Even though I reviewed GFF for the whole month, hits for MG still toppled everything. This gives me a really good sense of what most people want to read from this blog ^^;

Once again, I thank all of you for coming to this blog, checking out the contents I put up and providing feedbacks. It’s fun to get to know what all of you think about this shared interest and it’s certainly helpful to exchange ideas and opinions here. I love suggestions and constructive criticisms. I hope we can all continue this way! I would also like to thank all those who have added my blog to their blogroll since it helped traffic for me and I hope it did for you too.

Lastly, my goals for November… MG MG MG MG! I’m also still working on trying how to blog about my personal life without being completely out of the blue like “Here is today’s review… and now I’ll talk about my HS life.” WTFZ? xD

Well… back to working on the reviews!


Review for Revoltech Gurren Lagann Full Drillized is up :D. I put it under the “Other Stuff” menu. I really wish I have better lighting in my room…

September Stats

Here’s a question to all of you: What do you find to be the nicest thing about this blog (the reviews, photos, simplicity, content, etc.)? what do you think needs improvement? and what would you like to see more? I hope some of you can take a moment to answer ^_^

Once again, I have to thank all the readers/viewers for another awesome month.

So far, every month surpassed the previous month in view hits by a large amount. I really appreciate all of you who comes here frequently and share your thoughts as well. It’s great knowing that everyone is enjoying the contents I put out ^_^. It makes all the effort I put into this blog all the more worthwhile.

I’d have to thank Dannychoo.com, otaku.fm, and animenano.com, and everyone who put me on their blogroll for broadcasting this blog out to the otakusphere and everywhere else. My blog probably wouldn’t get anywhere near as much exposure if it weren’t for them.

Most Hits for the Month: MG Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka (still haven’t fixed the progress pics yet ^^;) – 1036 hits

That’s unsurprising considering that…well, that’s the only review I was able to put out for Setempber >_<. The only other thing I did was complete my overhaul of this blog. Even then, I’m still pleasantly surprised the hits beat July and August’s when I put out a great deal of MG reviews ^^;.

For October, there’s going to be a lot more reviews being pumped out this time around since I’ll be doing mostly GFF (Deep Striker anyone?) and maybe a few SD models here and there. I’ll be going back to MG reviews again near the end of October or early November.

Once again, I thank you all for coming here and checking out my contents! I much appreciate it! :D