California Food – Day 1

I was thinking of making just one giant epic food post with 100+ photos  but that wouldn’t do some of the food justice and wouldn’t make you as hungry (which is the whole point of this… right?). So here we go…

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California Road Trip

Still a bit exhausted from this trip ^^;. Though my friends and I spent about five days in California, we really only had ONE day for sightseeing and touring (mainly San Francisco). We spent the entire Friday driving there, the weekend at a training camp, one day at Six Flags, which left us with one day to play around before heading back to Boredland. All of us kinda regretted leaving so soon but hey, there is always next time.

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California, Here I Come!

For one too many reasons, my plan to go to Japan this summer went down the drain. In return, I am going on a road trip to California with my friends instead. Not a bad trade off considering that I still get to leave Oregon ^^;.

We’re gonna mainly hit up Six Flags then San Francisco afterward. It’ll be my first time visiting both places. San Francisco! CHINATOWN! JAPANTOWN! TIME TO EAT! ^o^ Oh I’m so going to eat with a vengeance…

Anyone here lives in the Bay Area and can point out some great Chinese (preferably Cantonese) restaurants? Be it dim sum, seafood, or noodles… I just want some ideas. I kinda don’t trust Yelp… Oh yea! And where’s a good place to pick up Gundam models at a decent price in Chinatown or Japantown? Maybe I can finally hunt down a few on my to-get list…

I’ll bring my laptop with me so hopefully I can find time to update at the hotel or something. Even though I might be gone (again), the Gundoom review will be done tomorrow (Saturday)… I SWEAR TO GOD GUNDAM! >:D