Canon SLR of Yore

I know one of my primary reasons for choosing Canon as my first SLR was because it was the first camera brand I learned of when I was little and all of our cameras were from them ^^;. Besides a PnS, I also knew my dad has a SLR which I’ve seen from time to time when I was a kid (~15 years ago) but it’s only now that I’ve finally took a closer look at it.

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Lumix GF1 GET!

I supposed I have to thank (blame?) Danny for influencing me on this giant purchase ^^;. For some odd reason, I can’t seem to find any store (Best Buy, Sears, etc) that carries this camera so I never got to play around with it to make up my mind on whether to buy it or not. During the DC meetup at AX, I asked Danny if I could check out his GF1 for a bit and after shooting a few shots, I immediately fell in love with it… and my XSi felt lacking ever since. After coming back to Portland, I started my hunt for the best deal on this… Continue reading “Lumix GF1 GET!”

Hanami with the Canon XSi

It is finally starting to feel like spring here so what better things to do with a camera than to go out and snap shots of the blooming flowers (beside shooting gunpla)? So here are some shots taken by my friend over the weekend with my camera. It’s her first time using an SLR so please provide some constructive criticisms and feedback (be nice).

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Gunpla and Photography 1

Let’s face it- “Aesthetically awesome Gundam models” isn’t exactly what this blog is known for ^^;. As some of you probably know by now, this blog focuses on photoshooting the Gunplas more than anything else in hopes of providing a throughout picture of a Gundam model’s aesthetics and capabilities… and is probably one of the main reasons why most of you are here ^^;. I wanna take this time to share some thoughts on one of the biggest aspects of this blog, the photography and the photographer.

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