Glion Museum, Osaka, Japan

I’ve actually went to Japan twice now. Those who remembered, I left back in 2012 to study abroad. My latest trip, a 1-month vacation, was just last November. It was just as much for nostalgia as it was for me to confirm whether I was seeing the country with rose-colored glasses the first time around or if Japan really is as great as I thought it was – part of my whole soul searching. For now though, let’s take a tour of the Glion Museum.

But first… do you like cars? Driving cars? What kind? What do you see them as?

I love cars. It’s the same feelings I have for Gundam or mecha. In a sense, a car is very much a “mecha” for me and I think of it as such, even if it is not quite “Gundam”. I think of driving as “piloting” ^^;. I figured it’s pretty natural that if you like mechs, then you probably has some certain interest to cars as well, even if it is only minor such as appreciating their aesthetics. Both are machines after all.

Glion Museum is a vintage car museum with a matching atmosphere. They even have a showroom where the affluent can purchase some very awesome historical machinery. The line of GT-R in the room are all for sale if you got the dough.

Man… they just don’t make cars this gorgeous anymore.

S800… ancestor to the Honda S2000. I would so drive the hell out of this! It’s practically a motorcycle (chain driven and revs to 9000 RPM!) with a roadster body.

In a room full of vintages, this Lancer Evo was certainly out of place and time period.

And more GT-Rs. Oh yea… Japan. Very few things make me feel like I am finally in Japan than seeing pristine examples of the R32-R34.

I’m not even gonna pretend like I know what any of these cars are so I’ll just let you enjoy the photos ^^;.

This is one classy museum. The buildings are actually several giant red brick warehouses and each one plays a different kind of either classical music, or jazz as you browse around.


Datsun Fairlady Z, otherwise known as the 240Z, otherwise known as the ancestor to the current day’s 350Z and 370Z. We were here from day and into the night. So much to see!

… So I’ve just realized that I have way too many photos here so I should probably just pick the best ones I took. Do you recognize any of these legendary vehicles?

Toyota 2000GT. I don’t think Toyota has made such a passionate car since the Supra Mk IV.

The 1970’s Skyline GT-R “Kenmeri” (Ken & Mary) and the Mazda Cosmo, the first Wankel engine Mazda.

There is just so much history in this museum and you get to see and feel in person just how different the times were back then. The innovations, the styles, the designs… many out of necessity and passion to give us what we have today. I probably won’t ever get the chance to drive almost any of these cars in my life for the full experience but I can live with the fact that at least I’ve seen them with my own eyes.

Biggest Loot of the Year

I’ve been waiting since MARCH for these to arrive from Japan! AHAHA I was sooo happy when I got home and saw these in my living room! I thought they were never gonna arrive! So much for “90 day waiting period”… Anyway, The boxes are HUGE (bigger than any TV boxes I’ve seen)… nowhere to actually store them >_>;. A strange thing I noticed is that someone cut off the parts code… wonder why they did that for.

One thing I haven’t talked about before here are my other hobbies… this is one of them ^^;. Though I’m not exactly a petrohead, I do like to work on and modify my car for more performance and handling gains.I love to drive! I consider my car as my mech (it’s actually mechs/robots that got me into cars xD). I’ll be slapping these parts on in the next coming weeks and take some photos for you all to see.

EDIT: well… guess I was so excited about the parts that I forgot about actually talking about my own car xD

This is my Acura/Honda TSX/Accord Euro depending on where you are in the world. In the boxes are my Euro R aero parts.

One day… I hope to own a NSX and a S2000 whenever I have such disposable income. Anyone else here into cars? What do you drive? and what would you love to drive?

Back to Gundams… I’ll try to have a load of reviews up tomorrow night. I’m working on random bits here and there right now ^^;