There was a Paypal promotion going on with HLJ some weeks ago where they offered free EMS shipping if paying with Paypal. I didn’t see anything I wanted at first (because so many things were out) so I didn’t give care about the promo afterward. Come the last hour (literally) of the promotion, I gave in to yet another impulse buy and picked up Seravee ^^; after checking HLJ for the last time. I wanted to pick up Arios GNWHWYHWHWH/whatever and Cherudim GNWTHWTF/whatever too but they were out. I’ve always liked Seravee and Tieria is just <3.


Gurren Lagann Giga Drill Breaker cell phone strap I think this is… or keychain ^^;


Probably my first anime apparel? Unless the Tare Danny shirt also counts ^^;

Anyone also took advantage of the free EMS shipping? What did you bought? It was probably the best savings anyone outside of Japan could’ve ever gotten from a Japanese hobby site. I would gladly take free shipping for my order than save like a few % on some items.