Robot Damashii Crossbone Gundam X-3

Given Bandai’s love for recoloring and doing the most minor of tweaks to release the same kit over and over again, this RD begs the question:

Where’s the MG Crossbone Gundam X-2 and X-3? You think Bandai would’ve released them by now given just how little retooling and adjustment they need to make to release them (mostly the heads and chest, and add a shot lancer for the X-2).  Not that I really wanted the other two but I’m just saying…

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Review! MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth Ver. Ka!

I kid you not. The title is not misleading. Here it is (finally), My MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth Ver. Ka review! xD Hope none of you actually fell for the prank that I was actually building two seperate models ^^;;. I found a better way and killed two birds with one stone.

Anyway, *is very drowsy* It’s 5:00 AM right now and I have work at 10:00 AM… Been up since “last night” typing up this review sooooo….*crashes*

New Gunpla Display Stand


Like I’ve mentioned in my previous post, a friend of mine got me some new display stands from Japan ^^. Yay! I finally have one of those sophisticated looking display stands that various Japanese Gunpla blog uses (funny thing is… I can’t recall any sites off the top of my head at the moment ^^;). Sadly, they didn’t quite turn out to be what I thought they were. The black rod is extremely solid and balances the model well enough but the ring that holds the model… isn’t adjustable! Not to mention it sticks out in photos D:


I asked for one of these since I thought the way it holds the model might allow for some fresh new poses that I couldn’t do with the other bases that holds the model on the crotch. It really does the job though… the ring has a firm grip but…again… It’s not adjustable! Making it hard for it to hold other models properly (Unicorn). Not recommending this thing yet until I’ve warmed up to it over time. I’ll also make a page of my display stands later since I get the same question many times (“what stand is that?”). Here’s a pose that was made possible with this stand…


Sure I could’ve just rotated a normal upright photo but… it’s just not the same :P. The other base is for 1/144 since it is a lot smaller but nice to see that it has adjustable rings. So.. Would you sacrifice a little photo aesthetic for newer dynamic poses?

*goes back to the photoshoot*

One last preview before I write up the review later tonight… ^^


Matey! We’ve Seized the Treasure!

IMG_6391 (Medium)

… Or more like it just dropped on top of my deck porch ^^;. A few things today… first is the Full Cloth and Ver. Ka are finally completed and I can start shooting photos right now. Second, the above models arrived and hopefully they will be the last I’ll be spending money on for the year. The GN Archer is going to someone else though. Third…

IMG_6392 (Medium)

Good friend from Japan got me these ^^. Will use the new bases for the Crossbone review.

IMG_6393 (Medium)IMG_6394 (Medium)


Crossbone WISP: Peacock Smasher

Spent a little too much time painting and assembling the Peacock Smasher (blah! the paint is chipping from the sliding parts already). Now I think I’ve taken care of the most tedious part of this model and hopefully I can breeze through the rest… until the end. You know what sucks? Not only is the Peacock Smasher ridiculously heavy but also the socket in the handle is apparently too big for the peg on the palm… so it doesn’t work and the thing just falls right off (initially). I added some paint inside the slot and it somewhat fixed the issue.


I stiffened the joints and fingers to reduce the chances of loose parts and so far I think it is working… ^^

Crossbone WISP: Head and Body


Some shots of my progress so far. Yes, I know they don’t look like much now and yes, they are very shiny but these are shots before “finalization” of the parts which you will all see when I’m done with the review :). It’s nothing special really but the irony of it is still worth hiding… xD


Here’s me being an idiot; I cut out the wrong head armor pieces (didn’t look in the manual), took 20 minutes to paint in the stripes THEN realized I cut out the wrong one xD. So I had to cut out the actual one and then spend another good 30 minutes painting in the “scars” for that one. It only takes five minutes to get the paint in but the meticulous work I have to do was a PITA. You know… making sure the paint is even, no “bleeding”, the layers are the same… and I think I could work on it some more if I still give a damn later, seeing how I did a better job on Ver. Ka’s head instead. Remember, it is all the finer details together that makes the Gundam model looks good overall ^^;.


The most badass face out of a Gundam. After seeing this face, I don’t think I could ever go back to that mellow look. This is just so much more sinister xD.