Gundam 4koma Contest Update

Alright better make this post before it gets delayed any longer. Okay… THE VERY VERY LAST DAY TO SUBMIT YOUR 4KOMA IS 7/19/2010 11:59 PM PST. After that I’ll start posting up the entries. So if you haven’t submitted anything yet, then here’s your chance. The rules are here and here. Now to make things easier on myself, I’m just going to accept and post all entries regardless of whether you follow the rules or not… but you will only have a chance to win if you do follow it. Simple as that. Continue reading “Gundam 4koma Contest Update”

Danny Choo x FAKKU! Meetup

The main event and reason  I went to LA for- the chance to meet Danny and everyone else. I’ve only ever heard of FAKKU like only once but never step my virtual foot in their site before so I had no idea what to expect and only just learned that it was a hentai-focused site ^^. However, there was nothing ecchi at all at the meetup so everyone of all ages were able to come. The place, ESPN Zone, was already packed half an hour before Danny came and soon reached max capacity on both floors once he arrived xD.

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Bandai World Gundam Competition


It’s on now! I think the name is pretty self-explanatory for what this event is but you can check out Danny’s page for all the details. This is going to be HUGE… and sadly, I don’t think I could take part this time around due to school starting, work and all that life stuff. Although…since it ends in November, I just MIGHT have a chance. Since this is such a big competition, submitting past work again would be a bit disappointing. If I could, I want to build and paint a Gundam specifically for this contest. There’s not much I could do with my current line-up considering the results from the HLJ competition xD.

Actually, I think EVERYONE should submit an entry because part of the rules ask for you to “Please include the region that you live in and tell us how long you have been building Gunpla for. Also tell us what Gunpla you would like Bandai to make and in what scale.” This could be a good chance to slip our dream MGs into Bandai! Be it the other MG GW:EW Gundams, Epyon, V2 Assault-Buster, Turn X, or even MG Deep Striker or whatever you have in mind. It’s worth letting Bandai know!

Lastly, I would like to thank all of you who are helping each other out with the questions posted on this blog ^^. This community effort is much appreciated. Knowing myself, some of you could’ve possibly already built the model by the time I get around to answering your question XD. I’ll try to answer the bulk of the questions as I’m typing up my reviews though. Keep the questions coming so I know what to write on my reviews ^^.

Tare Danny Button


First the shirt and now the button ^^;. Received this yesterday from Zazzle courtesy of Chun for winning first runner up to a “Guess that DC member!” contest. Thank you Chun! ^^


As you can see… I still suck at using my SLR. Nonetheless, this is a cute button but I’m not sure how to sport it though ^^;. (Haruhi is still holding it)

On an unrelated subject, one thing I didn’t realize when I started the Photo Hunt was that it made my blog view “artificially” skyrocketed ^^;.


I’m like… “Wow…” xD. Guess I should be happy about it but not really when I know most of the hits come from the few participants going through all my pages over and over again ^^;. I’m a bit of a stat addict but I won’t deliberately do things (unrelated to blog’s content) solely for the sake of racking up hits (like requiring you to click through links after links after links)… nor am I fond of others blatantly doing it *coughautoblogandyahoocough*. Something about that just isn’t right (it’s damn cheap); I think people will read your blog naturally if they find it worthwhile. I’m VERY happy with my 1k+ hits average per day right now compared with 1-200 I used to get a couple of months back xD. It looked very good on the graph until that giant spike came along ^^;. As always, I appreciate all of you for coming here and reading this blog. Thank you :D

For those who are wondering whatever happened to me and building the GN Arms…


That’s all I got done so far. It’s been a hectic week ^^;. Will try to put in the effort to complete most of it by the end of tomorrow.